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October/November 2014 - Nature's Feast

Oct 01, 2014 12:41PM ● Published by Brandi Barnett

We are delighted to introduce the South Valley area to Enjoy Magazine, a lifestyle publication that showcases the remarkable people, places and things that make this area unique... enjoyable, if you will. The locally produced articles and photography within these pages will focus on nearby destinations, creative and caring people, community living, family, recreation, and most of all, a love of life in the Valley.
In our inaugural issue, we will introduce you to artist Lisa Noel of New Again Design, who creates beautiful jewelry with everything from old brackets to scrap copper. Meanwhile, Liza Teixeira coaxes beauty out of the earth at The Flower Farm, spreading delight to her customers. A different style of art is practiced by Noah Olmstead, whose uses his 1952 Heidelberg letterpress machine to hone the time-honored art of printing.
You’ll be inspired by Martha Haley, who turned a cancer diagnosis into motivation to help other women facing life-threatening diseases. The young mom is now not only cancer free, but she’s helping many uninsured women receive diagnostic (and often life-saving) care. We’ll show you how you can help the cause.
We adore entrepreneurial spirit, and Nicki French and T.R. Bousek have plenty of it. A twist of fate brought them to Three Rivers, where their “roadside restaurant” promises – and delivers – “Good Food & Nice Drink.” Their fresh, organic creations will impress the most particular eater.
You’ll also find inspiration for your garden, fall beauty tips, an imaginative recipe and more. Heartfelt thanks to our talented writers and photographers who have joined us on this incredible journey. A special thank you to the advertisers who have chosen to invest their hard-earned dollars in this publication, which we hope will become a staple that you can’t wait to read every month. And we extend our gratitude to you, our brand-new readers, for giving us the opportunity to join your community. We couldn’t be more proud to be here.
Enjoy our premiere issue!

October/November 2014 - Nature's Feast

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