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Fun Fall Nail Ideas

Oct 08, 2014 11:09AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Need Now Nails

October/November 2014
By Melissa Gulden

There's a wide, glorious world of nail trends for fall — isn’t it time you gave one a spin? This list is your way in.

Tired of your predictable pink nails? DIY nail art is booming, and there are more options than ever for a fabulous manicure. October is as good a time as ever to shake up your roster of go-to nail polish colors. I’m not saying you have to say bye-bye to those bright summer hues, but fall’s hottest nail ideas will definitely have you rethinking a shade or two.

Go bold with navy blue or purple: Try Butter London in Royal Navy ($15*) or MAC Indulge Nail Lacquer in Rebel ($16*). Burgundy and blood red are also big for fall. Pick one with a pearly finish to keep the look soft.

Teal is one of those colors that works year-round. It has a magical ability to spark daydreams about those beachside days of summer, even as we ease into winter. (Check out Esteé Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Midnight Metal, $20*.)

Pick the right red. Opt for a pinkish hue for fair skin, orange-y for medium, and a true red for a darker complexion. (Try Essie Nail Polish in Too Too Hot, Geranium, and Russian Roulette, $8* each.)

If you really want to up the “wow” factor, try the latest trend in nail wraps. No need to be a skilled artist, just wrap the nail with the ready-made prints and voilà, instant glam ( Or squiggle away with a polish marker for DIY artwork. Try Topshop Make Up Nail Art Pens ($14*) or Essie Sleek Stick polish strips ($10*). Finally, revamp your go-to shade with a swipe of a matte topcoat, like OPI Matte Top Coat ($9*). It’ll quiet down any color. Feeling artistic? Do an ombré manicure the simple way, with a kit of coordinated shades, such as That’s The New Black, The Original Ombré Nail Collection in Waves ($22*,

Consider gray your new favorite neutral. Although it’s more eye-catching than nude or white, it won’t interfere with your everyday style.

Not ready to give up your glitter-infused summery polish? Go for a metallic finish. You can even freshen up a French mani with metallic tips—subtle but super-cool.

While we love crazy nail art trends, sometimes a palette cleanser is in order. Enter classic nudes. Just because you opt for a non-color, neutral nail polish doesn’t mean your manicure will be boring. Muted colors can also make a statement. The trick is a shiny topcoat (Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in Pink Pong, $7.99*). Pair red lips with nude nails. It’s classic and sophisticated. Try CoverGirl Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Forever Fawn ($5.49*).

As for nail shape, long and oval seems to be all the rage with celebrities. Try it, if you dare. Not quite that adventurous? Short and square never goes out of style.

Izzie Fox, stylist and owner of The Velvet Loft in Redding, says it’s a fabulous time for the manicure business. “With the endless options that gel polish gives, natural-length nails can be easily changed without damaging the integrity of the nail. There is also beautiful nail art and unlimited polish colors that are super hot and lots of fun!” Changing nail color and style is easy to fix if you don’t like it, so why not go for it? Jump on the nail art bandwagon and embrace the fall trends. Your hands will thank you.

*Prices may vary