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Delicious Treats From the Frosted Muffin in Visalia

Apr 27, 2015 10:46AM ● Published by Brandi Barnett

The Sweetest Thing

May 2015
Story and photos by Jen May Pastores

Wrapped inside a single­-serving accordion­sided paper is a combination of dreamy, edible elements that make up the humble cupcake. Dress it up with a pure, sweet buttercream frosting, whipped up from scratch, on top of a denser baked good that leaves your mouth feeling well off, and you’ll have experienced The Frosted Muffin.
As a child growing up with a large family, The Frosted Muffin owner Kaity Draper first learned to bake with her mom using a family recipe for chocolate cake during the Christmas seasons. Over the years, the love for baking enticed Draper to enroll in a culinary arts program in Clovis, specializing in baking and pastry. She successfully evolved the family recipe into her cupcake inspiration that she uses to this day, turning her lifelong passion into a viable small business. Draper launched her cupcakery in her hometown of Visalia in July 2009 and offers up a scrumptious menu of cupcakes, cookies and creamy creations.
Draper stands out among her siblings in her creative career choice, as she is the only food industry professional pursuing work as a baker along with her mom, Tamara Doyal, who partnered with her in the early days of the sweet shop’s beginning. Draper’s creativity works its way into her pairing of mouthwatering, tasteful toppings: Salted Caramel Pretzel, French Toast, Pineapple Upside Down, Pink Champagne, and Chocolate Dipped Banana highlight just a few of The Frosted Muffin’s specialty cupcakes featured on certain days of the week.
Their elaborate menu of 36 frosted flavors rotate each business day, but there are six flavors you can always look forward to every time they’re open: Vanilla Butter, Triple Chocolate, Cinnamon Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip, Triple Chip, and Psychedelic, a vanilla butter confetti cake frosted with classic vanilla cream cheese dipped in multicolor sugar crystals. Draper buys strawberries locally and adds them into their Strawberry Shortcake cupcake. Other fresh fruit flavors are the new Blueberry Lemon and (a current favorite of Draper’s) Peach Cobbler.
“We’re not your light and fluffy cupcake,” Draper says when asked what helps keeps them memorable. “People become fans and they stay fans. Once people taste our cupcakes, they love them and they tell someone else.”
Draper believes the cupcake craze is still alive and remains to be favored locally. This often has Draper and Doyal baking as early as 6 am to prepare for the new day, including custom orders for special events like weddings or birthday parties, or crafting cupcake bouquets for holidays like Mother’s Day.
Recently added to their selections are generously sized cookies, cupcake sundaes and cookie ice cream sandwiches using ice cream from the local Rosa Brothers Milk Company. As if it couldn’t get any better, The Frosted Muffin is currently in the beginning stages of going on wheels to serve cupcakes in neighborhoods, workplaces and community events in a mobile division.
“It’s getting to be creative. It’s fun! It’s not sitting behind a desk doing the same routine everyday. I get to talk to a lot of people and experience different life events with them,” Draper says as she reflects on the fortune of doing something she’s loved since she was a child.
Cupcakes aren’t just for sweet­ tooth foodies and dessert aficionados, but for anyone who’s up for enjoying a little more sweetness in life.

The Frosted Muffin• 2145 W. Whitendale, Visalia
Open Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm,
Saturday 10am-3pm
(559) 734-4024 •
Find them on Facebook

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