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Marshall Kipp's Roseland Studios in Woodlake

May 28, 2015 02:38PM ● By Brandi Barnett

The Passion Project

June 2015
Story and photos by Fache Desrochers

So goes the poetic observation of the great thinker Plato, as he mused on the nature of one of humanity’s greatest technologies: music.
Music is precious, essential and by its very nature, ephemeral. So it would surely make Plato proud to see the ways that the world has innovated since his time to not only make music, but also to capture it, preserve it and share it with others. And at the forefront of this pursuit is one impassioned Valley man and his state-of-the-art recording space: Roseland Studios.
The passion project of owner and founder Marshall Kipp, the studio officially opened in April, but the creation of this space is the result of Kipp’s lifelong love affair with music. As a dyed-in-the-wool musician and 25-year member of NARAS (better known as the organization responsible for the Grammys), Kipp has long known exactly what it takes to produce and record great music and video, and has built Roseland Studios from the ground up to help other musicians do the same.
Roseland Studios is located at Kipp’s property in Woodlake, where he has been working for years to create the recording space of his dreams, down to the very last devilish detail. For anyone who plays or records music, Roseland Studios is an absolute candyland. The space consists of a complete sound stage or “tracking room,” separate control room and dedicated vocal booth. Features of the studio include a Yamaha G5 baby grand piano and keyboard, DW collector’s series drum kit, an incredible curation of microphones and backend amplifiers, and the crown jewel: an API 32-channel analog console paired with a Radar 24-track digital recording system which ensures the best of both worlds: analog sound and digital editing.
Translation: ye musicians and tech enthusiasts rejoice, for at Roseland Studios, thou shalt find gear heaven. But although Kipp takes the nuts and bolts of his studio very seriously, the space is about much more than that. Roseland was carefully designed to be an environment
of light and sound that awakens the mind and feeds creativity; a place where anything feels possible. “I think the visual elements of a space can change the way one thinks,” says Kipp. “And when you add the right lighting and such, the process of making music becomes more magical.”
Kipp knows well that good music can happen anywhere and at any time. But he also knows that the best conditions are those that eliminate distractions by taking care of all the details. And thanks to Kipp’s welcoming intuition, Roseland Studios does just that. “My goal was to make Roseland a place where musicians could come with minimal worries about what to bring; not only with equipment, but with everything else as well,” Kipp says with a fond, understanding smile. “I know that most musicians who are totally dedicated to their craft are often operating on a shoestring budget. So I try to provide what they need, even if it’s just local tacos and cold beer.”
For Kipp, music – and all the creativity, soulful vibes and like-minded people that come with it – is at the very heart of what makes life good. And Roseland Studios is something of a dream come true, as it is the place where all those things come together, right at his doorstep. “It’s an incredible experience to live in an environment where people come to play music,” Kipp says.

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