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Modern Macrame

Jun 25, 2015 09:47AM ● Published by Brandi Barnett


July 2015

Supplies List:
*     100% cotton rope or string in desired size
*     Metal “O” rings
*     Scissors
*     Any type of bowl or pot (we found ours at our local craft store)

Supplies Needed for Dying (Optional):
*     Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in desired color (we used English Yellow)
*     Large bucket

Instructions for Macrame

 1.     Cut rope to desired length. (For our larger/longer hanger we cut six 3-yard pieces and for the smaller/shorter hanger we cut six 2-yard pieces.)

 2.     Thread the 6 strands of rope through the “O” ring and even them out so the ends match.
 3.     Wrap the strands near the ring with a spare cut of rope then tie knot to secure.

 4.     Separate all 12 strands into three 4-strand groupings.

 5.     Measure down to where you want your pot or bowl to hang and begin the square knot on one of the  strand groupings. For this process, bring the far left rope over the middle two ropes and then under the far right rope. Your right rope then goes under the two middle cords and up through the loop created by the left rope. Do this step again but this time start with the right rope first. Tighten both cords to complete the first square knot. Alternate starting with the left and right ropes using the same technique until you have two “humps” on one side and one “hump” on the other (two complete square knots). Do this to all the rope groupings.

 6.     Measure the length of your desired container to determine where your next row of square knots should be. With this row, knot each strand with a partner from a neighboring pair.

 7.     To complete this row, knot the furthest left and right strands together so you are essentially creating a ring of knots.

 8.     Measure down and wrap the strands with a spare piece of rope like you did at the beginning of the project. Tie a firm knot to secure well.

 9.     Trim the “tail” ends.

10.     Insert your pot or bowl into the rope network and hang.

11.     Add a plant (or candle) and voila!

Instructions for DyEing (Optional)

1.     Prepare dye – Add Chalk Paint® and water in large bucket. 1 part Chalk Paint® to 20 parts water. Mix well.

2.         Cut cotton rope to desired length. (For our larger/longer hanger we cut six 3-yard pieces and for the smaller/shorter hanger we cut six 2-yard pieces.)

3.     Add rope into dye mixture, making sure that all of it is fully submerged. Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour (or longer if you desire a deeper/richer color).

4. Once the rope has reached its desired color, remove from dye and wring out. Do not rinse the rope in water; it will wash off the color.

5.     Hang rope to dry.

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