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Summer Adventures Notebook & Wrapped Pencils

Aug 25, 2015 10:37PM ● By Brandi Barnett
September 2015

Your favorite summer adventures don’t have to be a thing of the past with this fun and easy notebook DIY that will keep the memories of summer alive well throughout the school year. Add in a few embellished washi tape wrapped pencils and you are all set to start planning your next adventure.

Supplies List:
For Notebook
•    Ruler
•    Mod Podge (matte)
•    5 - 10 photos of your favorite summer adventures
•    Notebook with blank cover
•    Sponge brush
•    Scissors
(not pictured)
•    Cardstock or any type of thick paper for triangle template
•    Pen

For Washi Tape Pencils
•    Pencils
•    Washi tape (available at craft stores)
•    Ribbon
•    Embellishments

Instructions for Notebook
1.    Using your ruler, create a triangle template out of cardstock or thick paper.
2.    Begin tracing your triangle template onto the back of the photos with a pen.
3.    Cut photos.
4.    Once cut, place the photos onto the cover of the notebook to figure out the layout you desire.
5.    Once you have chosen your layout, set photos aside and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the notebook cover with the sponge brush.
6.    Now assemble your photos back on the cover. Mod Podge dries fairly fast so make sure your layout is how you would like it once you lay your photos down.

Instructions for Washi Tape Wrapped Pencils
1.    Starting at the eraser end of the pencil, begin wrapping the washi tape around the pencil at an angle.
2.    Continue wrapping until you reach the writing end of the pencil. Tear the tape.
3.    Cover both ends with a small amount of washi tape so the pencil is completely covered.
4.    Cut piece of ribbon and create a simple Lark’s Head knot at the eraser end of the pencil.
5.    Decorate knot with embellishments.