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Hit the Books

Aug 26, 2015 12:39AM ● By Brandi Barnett

Editor's Note

September 2015
Cover Photo by Christina Hopper

It’s the perfect time of year to relax under a shade tree with our favorite magazine, because we’ve got plenty of engaging tales to share with you.
Visit the Bravo Lake Botanical Garden, a public oasis in Woodlake run by visionaries who are dedicated to planting seeds for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Old Town Flea Market in Old Town Clovis makes treasure hunting fun. You’re sure to find something you can’t live without in this charming marketplace, and shopping local just feels good.
Wishes do come true, and many of them are granted by Wish Upon a Star. Discover how this nonprofit has been able to grant the wishes of some 2,000 children suffering from life-threatening illnesses — and how you can get involved in a unique way.
The Visalia Arts Consortium works to create a climate where the local art scene can flourish, expand and catalyze positive change in the community. Check out some of their imaginative events - perhaps it will inspire your own creative muse.
Looking for something new to read — or watch, or hear? The modern library is about much more than print and paper, and the Tulare Public Library is abuzz with activity. The new building welcomes people of all ages and interest levels — so check it out.
Enjoy the first breath of fall!