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Three Fun Decor DIYs to Get Your Party Started

Sep 27, 2015 09:41PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Let's Have a Party

October 2015
Story and Photos by Tamara Orth

Supplies Needed
Food Topper Flags:
Long toothpicks or skewers
Paper in desired color
Pen (we recommend Micron®)
Double-sided tape

Confetti Poppers:
Patterned tissue paper
Cardboard tube
Double-sided tape
String or ribbon in coordinating colors
Letter Photo Props:
Chipboard letters (found at Hobby Lobby)
Mod Podge®
Sponge brush
Wooden dowels
Glitter in desired color
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Washi tape (optional)

Food Topper Flags:
    1.     Cut your paper in long rectangular strips in various sizes.
    2.     Once cut, fold in half.
    3.    With a pen, begin writing out your desired saying or word close to the folded edge of the paper.
    4.    Once you have “decorated” your paper as desired, unfold paper.
    5.    Attach a piece or two of  double-sided tape on the inside fold of the paper, then lay toothpick on crease.
    6.    Fold to secure.
    7.    Trim ends at an angle to create flag shape.

Confetti Poppers:
    1.    Cut your cardboard tube in half.
    2.    Re-attach the two pieces together using two strips of double-sided tape on each side of the tube. (Try not to use too much tape since it will make it difficult to “pop” in half when twisted )
    3.    With the tissue paper laid out, place the tube on the edge and begin to roll.
    4.    Once the tube is completely covered in tissue paper, cut excess tissue paper off and     secure the edge with a final piece of double-sided tape.
    5.    Gently gather one of the ends of tissue paper and tie closed with ribbon or string.
    6.    Next, begin to fill the open end with desired amount of confetti.
    7.    Carefully gather and tie that end as well.
    8.    Trim ends if desired.

(To use, hold in both hands and twist in opposite directions. Just be prepared for the fun mess!)

Letter Photo Prop:
    1.    Paint Mod Podge® onto the front of one of your chipboard letters.
    2.    Once you have created a complete coat, sprinkle glitter onto the wet Mod Podge®.
    3.    Shake off any excess glitter.
    4.    Let dry.
    5.    Continue steps 1 - 4  until entire letter is covered in glitter.
    6.    Repeat on remaining letters.
    7.    If desired, wrap wooden dowels with washi tape
    8.    Use a hot glue gun to attach dowels to the back of the letters
    9.    Enjoy!