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D.I.Y. Woodland Trees

Nov 24, 2015 02:48PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Wooded Acres

December 2015
Story and photos by Tamara Orth

1 Medium foam cone
1 Small foam cone
Hot glue gun (low temp.)
Sandwich toothpicks
2 Wooden balls (found at Hobby Lobby)
Twine or rope


1. Starting at the base of one of the styrofoam cones, in small sections at at time, apply a small horizontal line of hot glue.

2. Quickly attach the toothpicks (rounded side down) into a line, making sure that the
bottoms of the toothpicks are flush with the bottom of the styrofoam cone.

3. Continue this gluing and applying method until you have made it completely around the base of the cone. This is your first layer.

4. Once you determine how much spacing to keep between rows, begin the second layer of toothpicks the same way you applied the first. Make sure to cover any hot glue residue left over from the previous row.

5. Continue the toothpick layers until you have reached the top of your styrofoam cone or until you can’t fit anymore layers on.

6. Hot glue the wooden ball on top of the cone.

7. For styrofoam showing at the top, wrap the top of tree with jute rope. This step is optional but does help conceal any imperfections or hot glue residue.

8. Enjoy!

Give it as a gift: A cute way to give these woodland trees as a gift is to display them in a craft box with white crinkle paper to mimic snow. Place lid on the box, wrap with twine or rope and tie a bow. Embellish with a cute tag and a little bit of greenery. Now you have a cute, personalized gift ready for holiday gift giving.