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January 2016 - Livin' the Dream

Dec 22, 2015 09:41PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Editor's Letter

January 2016
Cover photo by Tamara Orth

Every month, we rejoice when we put the finishing touches on all these pages full of stories, photographs and advertisements that shine light on some of the most wonderful things about the South Valley. And as soon as we send that issue off to the printer, what do we have? Another stack of new blank pages, waiting to be filled.
The new year is much the same. We reflect on the year that is on its way out, and compile our list of resolutions as we dream about how we’re going to fill this new chapter of our lives called “2016.” What will your pages include?
We love watching people follow their dreams. Sunny Arada blended her passions for running and for jewelry into Endure Jewelry, a company that commemorates races with custom jewelry.
Perhaps the toughest part of diving into a new challenge is taking the first step, and Layne Rodrigues overcame that obstacle to create Flow Studios, a Barre and Pilates studio. She thrives on helping clients become stronger, happier and better equipped to love themselves and their lives. Meanwhile, Pablo and Sol Orozco adapted their families’ home remedies to establish the popular Raizana Tea shop.
Imagine achieving what most people would declare impossible. Justin Levine did exactly that when he ran 300 miles from Visalia to Santa Monica. “I wanted to challenge my own self to prove to others that anything is possible,” he says.
Maybe you’ve resolved to bring more joy into your life this year. The ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum is a great place to start – and it’s not just for kids. Or consider improving your surroundings by tapping into Biomirage’s expertise to create a lovely water-wise garden. If gardening isn’t your thing, take a stroll through the Visalia Farmers’ Market. What better way to start the new year than by treating your body to healthy, fresh foods?
Take a leap of faith this year. Ask new questions. Dream new dreams. Be there for one another. Here’s to a new year full of wonder, growth and peace. And, as always, enjoy!

January 2016 - Livin' the Dream