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Endure Jewelry Proudly Displays Your Running Victory

Dec 22, 2015 09:42PM ● By Brandi Barnett

Commemorating Milestones

January 2016
By Jordan Venema
Photos: Brittany WIlbur

For that important runner in your life, consider the gift of a custom-made 10K necklace. No, we’re not talking karats but kilometers. Endure Jewelry Co, a Clovis business that sells running-inspired custom jewelry, has created a line of jewelry to commemorate just about any race that can be run.
“I design jewelry to commemorate accomplishing any running distances or challenges,” says Sunny Arada, 31, designer and owner of Endure Jewelry. Running is full of challenges, and there are a ton of races to prove it. So from 5Ks to centuries, and marathons to triathlons, whether on the blacktop or the trail or even the treadmill, Endure marks every mile.
Why jewelry? It’s more than just bragging rights, though that has something to do with it. You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers, the black, bold numbers against the white oval background – 13.1, 26.2. For the uninitiated, those mark the miles of a half and full marathon, and many people who run them have made running a lifestyle.
“To be a runner is something that people are very proud of,” Arada says. And since runners can’t exactly wear their medal every day, she created something that they could keep close. Plus, she adds, “A necklace lasts longer than running shoes.”
Arada knows first hand (or foot) how to wear out a shoe. She’s been running since fourth grade, and ran cross-country both in high school and at Fresno State University. She recently completed her sixth marathon and has 32 half marathons under her belt. In other words, if she’s commemorating her runs, she got into the right business, because that’s a lot of bling.
She wears her 13.1 ring daily, and switches out her necklaces each day. She also has a charm bracelet that commemorates each Disney race she’s participated in – 14 in all. In fact, Endure also sells themed jewelry specific to the Disney races, like the Star Wars half marathon, the Princess half or the Tinker Bell half.
“I have a very special relationship with Run Disney, which is all the racing at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. So I have a fairytale collection that I travel with to all their shows – castles, crowns and fairy wings incorporated into the jewelry’s design,” explains Arada.
It wasn’t just love for the run that got Arada in this business. She loves the creative aspect of crafting jewelry, as well. She began making jewelry her senior year of high school as part of a 3D art class. “Then I was working for a jeweler because I knew that I wanted to work with jewelry,” she continues. “I was making stuff by hand for fun and for my friends.”
Then in one of her master’s degree courses at Fresno State University, a project required her to create a business, out of which came Endure. In 2009, she officially launched it, combining her passion for both running and making jewelry. And now that the two are welded together, don’t ask her to choose one over the other. She laughs, saying she couldn’t choose: “They’re complementary,” though she did admit, “I don’t think I could ever stop running.”
Endure sells its jewelry through its website, and offers completely custom designs for any race you could imagine. And better than beaten-up shoes or a simple bumper sticker, her jewelry is made from sterling silver or 14-karat or 18-karat gold. She can also accentuate her jewelry with gemstones or diamonds. Really, like the runners’ road, the options are endless.
Though, with all those options, Arada says, “It gets tricky because there’s so many new races, and everybody wants something special.”
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