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DIY: Flower Crown

Jan 27, 2016 01:00PM ● By Ronda Alvey

Crowning Glory

February 2016

Story and Photos by Tamara Orth


1. Measure your head or the head of the person wearing the flower crown. To do so, gently wrap the grapevine wire around the head (where you would wear a crown) and determine how much wire you will need then include an extra 4 inches for  overlay. Cut wire with wire cutters, then wrap both ends together to form an oval. Double check measurements and adjust if needed.

2. Cut the stems of your flowers and greenery so you are left with approximately 4 inches of stem. 

3. Gather small groupings of flowers and greenery into little bundles (similar to a boutonniere) and wire them together using the thin floral wire. 

4. Continue step 3 until you have multiple small bundles of flowers/greenery that are all individually wired. To make your flower crown look more organically put together, try to make each little bundle different from the last. Example, include some flowers in one, leave them out in another. The same goes for greenery. The more you mix, the better!

5. Once you have your bundles prepared, secure one of the flower bundles on to the grapevine wire base using the thin floral wire. Once it is secured, wrap the wired section with the floral tape. 

6. Next, place another flower bundle about an inch away so it is hiding the previously taped section. Secure with wire and tape.

7. Continue step 6 until you have made it all the way back around to your first bundle. The grapevine wire should no longer be visible. Add or adjust and flowers if needed. 

8. Place on head and enjoy!