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DIY: Metallic Dessert Stands

Feb 26, 2016 05:22PM ● Published by Ronda Alvey

Make Some Bunny Happy

March 2016
By Tamara Orth


• White ceramic plates

• Wooden candle holder base (available at many craft stores)

• Copper gilding wax (or a metallic of your choice) 

• Paintbrush

• Super strength glue, such as E6000


1. “Paint” your wooden candle holder base with the copper gilding wax until it is completely covered. 

2. Once dry, apply a good amount of the super strength glue to one of the ends of the wooden candle holder base. 

3. With the plate turned upside down, attach the candle holder base glue side down onto the center of the plate.

4. Following instructions on the glue packaging, allow glue to dry for recommended time.

5. Decorate with your favorite desserts and enjoy! 

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