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Get Ready To Step Out In Style This Spring

Mar 24, 2016 11:00AM ● By Anonymous

Bold Beautiful Spring

April 2016

Story by Melissa Gulden

Spring has sprung! After months of static cling hair, dark makeup tones and chapped lips, we’re ready to break out some colorful beauty goodies. 

Even the most adventurous of beauties gets sick of the deep tones after a few weeks. Lucky for us, spring gives us the chance to experiment and infuse a bit more color into our beauty routines.

Embrace the “it” color of the season—blue. Believe it or not, a stroke of blue revitalizes dull, tired eyes. Lining just the lower lashes in cobalt instead of your usual brown or black adds nearly effortless pop. Choose a soft pencil and apply it very close to the lashes, smudging with a small brush. If you want the color to stand out more, layer a similarly hued shadow on top. To define more of the eye, use a soft, neutral shadow, such as champagne, on lids and line the top lashes in black.

If red lipstick is the LBD of the beauty world, then fuchsia is the leather jacket. This season’s orchid color is feminine yet edgy. To achieve this look, layer a matte fluid formula under a cream lipstick for a vibrant, longwearing finish. (Try MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Personal Statement and To Matte With Love, $20 each, and lipstick in Girl About Town and Flat out Fabulous, $17 each.) For a more subtle color, try Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Années Folles, $26. The lavender hue is surprisingly flattering. 

The days are slowly getting longer and you know what that means – it’s almost time to trade our winter sweaters for cute tops and our snow boots for sandals. But before you start stocking your wardrobe with shorts, sleeveless tops and sundresses, there are a few skin issues you need to take care of. Just like animals shed their winter coats, you, too, need to shed all the dry, dead skin from your body. To do this, use an exfoliating cloth or brush with a good scrub all over your face and body while you’re in the shower. (Use something gentler on your face.) Replenish your skin’s hydration by applying a soothing lotion all over, and don’t neglect your elbows or feet, which probably have a few dry patches after a long winter. And even though you’ve been avoiding your razor since October, now is the time to get back into your hair removal routine—be it waxing, shaving or lasering. No matter what the method, be sure to moisturize afterwards and always use sunscreen. 

Color not really your thing? What about sparkle? Go 24 karat with a gold shadow, or full Cleopatra with black, winged liner and a bold wash of gold glitter. A few swipes of light-reflecting metallic eyeliner can pull your look together, stat. Copper or bronze are best for those with green, brown or hazel eyes, and silver or gold for blue peepers. Used along top, bottom or both lash lines, it’s more powerful than shadow but not quite as heavy as the typical pigmented liners. 

But don’t let your face have all the fun—paint on three to four coats of glitter polish to get a chunky, raised effect. To up the shine, paint on three layers of glossy topcoat. Even if you’re only heading to the grocery store, a metallic sheen gives a rich flair to your entire look. Bye-bye dark manis, hello pretty pastels and bright hues! This spring, the color of the moment is anything that makes your fingers sparkle.

Many people shy away from color, concerned that it makes them stand out. On the contrary, a uniform of all black stands out more when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the stores are awash in a sea of springtime pastels and Easter egg brights. Embrace this season’s vibrant palette and know that there really is a hue that will bring the color back into your cheeks, add a “spring” to your step and a cool, self-assured spirit of confidence to the (finally) warm air. •