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DIY: Patterned Wall Hanging

Apr 27, 2016 11:01AM ● By Ronda Alvey

Get the Hang of it

By Monica Fatica
May 2016

Turn patterned wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric into a wall hanging to make a big statement in a blank space.


• Roll of wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric (we used wrapping paper, but new or vintage wallpaper or fabric would also work)

• Half round wooden molding

• Saw

• Hot glue gun

• Rope


1. Measure out how long and wide you want your wall hanging and cut your paper or fabric to size.

2. Cut the wooden molding to size, leaving an extra 10” wider than the wall hanging. 

3. Hot glue the moldings to the top and bottom of the paper or fabric with the molding 5 inches wider at each end. 

4. Tie a rope to the top ends of the moldings and then tie a knot at the top.