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DIY: Leather Keychain

May 27, 2016 02:01PM ● By Ronda Alvey

Hold the Key

June 2016
By Tamara Orth


• Hammer 

• Key rings or lobster claw clasp

• Sharp scissors 

• Leather strips (look for belt-making kits at your local craft store)

• Leather puncher or other sharp object, like an ice pick or nail

• Riveting kit


1. Cut your leather strip to desired size.

2. If desired, trim one end of the leather strip into a curved shape with sharp scissors. 

3. Using your leather punch or sharp object, create three holes in the leather strip - one on each end, and one approximately an inch and a half from one of the ends. 

4. Between the two closest holes, cut out two small triangles. This is where the key ring or clasp will lay. 

5. Slide key ring or clasp onto the leather strip and begin folding. Begin by aligning the single end hole with the middle hole, then fold over the remaining flap.

6. Once all of the holes are aligned, follow the instructions in the riveting kit. Insert one of the two metal riveting pieces into all three holes. Place the other piece of the rivet on the other side.

7. Using a solid and even surface, hammer the riveting pieces together until they are locked in place.   

If you want to make this craft a little more personal, a fun addition would be to buy a leather-craft alphabet kit (found in the leather-craft department of the craft store) to add a name or phrase.