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Double D Seasonings Company

Jun 24, 2016 05:39PM ● By Ben Ralph

A Dash Will Do 

July 2016
By Ben Ralph

The history of spice is the history of humanity. Before there were Benjamins, Bucks and Dolla Dolla Bills y’all, there were spices. Though humble, unassuming and relatively common these days, being found in any grocery store, farmers’ market or swap meet, spices have a rich history of being considered, well, riches. Though a beautiful face was once fabled to have sailed a thousand ships, the reality was most ships sailed for spices. Wars, trade, exploration, conquest, all the things that made the wheels of history turn were largely due to the insatiable search for new and exotic flavors. 

It is rumored (and perhaps only a rumor) that Roman soldiers were paid in salt. Nutmeg made the English cry “havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war to fight the Dutch over control of the Banda Islands (the only place nutmeg is naturally found). Peter Piper? Nope. Peter Pepper, a one-armed French administrator/pirate who raided trading ships for, you guessed it, spices; as for his pickled “peppers,” they were actually the generic name Europeans used for just about all spices (including allspice). Then again, if the only way of flavoring your rotten meat and cold potatoes was using mustard (and no, Europe did not yet have Grey Poupon), which was the case in the Middle Ages, you’d fight wars for something better, too.  

Spices were, and still are, not only consumed but also burned. In homes, temples, churches, yoga studios and a multitude of settings, you can breathe deep the pleasant scents of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves. One person’s home smells of Christmas and happiness while another’s gives off notes of anise and a Grateful Dead show. Whether in vessels of gold or clay, in clumps or in sticks, spices in the form of aromatics or incense can be found in just about every world religion. 

More commonly, however, is the use of spice in the culinary arts. Whether it’s your low-and-slow Memphis-style barbecue, your spicy satay or your Dodger dog with extra mustard, spices from across the globe are likely to be present to enliven even the plainest dish (seriously, have you had a Dodger Dog? Mustard to the rescue, for sure). If you’re in need of some cooking rescue or just want some more variety to spice up your entrees, Double D Gourmet Seasonings out of Visalia can easily accommodate. 

Created and propagated by Derrick Daniell, founder of the Double D Seasonings Company, Double D Gourmet Seasonings began as simple, ever-changing mixes of various herbs and spices by Daniell himself just as a personal touch to his home cooking. What started as a simple project over the course of 15 to 18 years matured into the current recipe. The seasoning itself is available wholesale, with each batch blended according to the set recipe and then packaged by hand. 

There are two types: All Purpose and Spanish Style, with a third style in the works that, according to Daniell, is going to be “a real spicy one”. Good news for those local heat-seekers looking for some additional kick for their dishes. Conveniently, “you can use it on everything,” Daniell notes. “People would call me up and say, ‘Man, I put it on this and it’s killer.’” It appears All Purpose wasn’t just a clever designation, and listed uses include beef, lamb, fish, chicken, pork, soups, sauces, dips, ribs, roasts, vegetables and popcorn. 

In short, Double D Seasonings is your magic bullet to culinary elevation. Whether you need to seriously spruce up your eggs, change the game with your ribs or just spice up your life, Double D offers the versatility to accommodate you. With a history filled with intrigue, war, trepidation in foreign lands, piracy, power plays, empires rising and falling, it seems almost odd that one can enjoy spices within the comforts of one’s backyard or kitchen. What once took legions, armadas and grit can now be found in a single mix of Double D Seasoning, easily obtained in a variety of local stores. 

The simple things in life can be the most valuable. Though salt may no longer command a higher status than gold, though nutmeg may no longer tempt the daring towards piracy, one can still appreciate the power of spices to take the typical and make it extraordinary. One can still appreciate how so small a thing can evoke memories, define cultures and bring people together. For these reasons, the spice must flow.  

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