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Fall Fashion Essentials

Jul 26, 2016 10:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Fabulous 40

August 2016
By Kimberly Bonéy

Every fall, we begin to get that itch – the one that says “I need to buy a (fill in the blank) and my wardrobe will be complete.” The truth is, there are always some essential pieces you already have in your closet, just waiting for you to give them some acknowledgement. Instead of going headlong into a shopping frenzy, take stock of the inventory you already have, check it against our list of 40 fabulous fall must-haves, and make it your business to slowly but surely acquire the rest.

On The Top: 

1. A jean jacket – In just about any wash, it’s sure to add a little hip to your ensemble.

2. A denim vest with frayed edges –Distress is oh-so-in!

3. An open blazer – or five! This classic concept is stellar in just about any color. 

4. A kimono blouse – Easy, breezy and willing to go over just about anything, this will be your go-to for fall.

5. A cowl necked sweater with trumpet sleeves – Pair this with slim fitting bottoms for a chic yet relaxed look. 

6. A button front oxford shirt in white, blue or grey – For work or for play, it’s perfect. 

7. A moto jacket in a soft brown or distressed grey – It’s a fresh yet softened take on the classic.

8. An off-the-shoulder-blouse – it’s feminine, sexy and right on time. 

9. A double-breasted coat – Add a bit of menswear inspiration to your ensemble.

10. A puffer jacket – Cozy and soft, this style can mix and mingle just as well with dresses as it does with your favorite jeans.

On The Bottom:

11. Flared jeans – Whip out those ‘70s-inspired jeans and rock your bells with bells on!

12. Distressed denim – Frayed, ripped or holey, the world of ragged denim is your oyster. 

13. Cuffed jeans – Tiny or bold, go ahead and cuff those baby blues. 

14. Sleek (vegan) leather pants – The trick is making sure they fit like skinny jeans but offer the flexibility of leggings. 

15. Shorts – Worn with tights and booties, they are perfectly fall ready. 

16. Culottes – Don’t laugh. They are back with a vengeance. 

17. Wide-legged trousers – Pair with a close fitting top, or they’ll add bulk to your frame. 

18. A jumpsuit – An edgy alternative to the little black dress, this little number exudes cool.

Dressed for Success:

19. A slip dress – Worn on its own or layered with a kimono blouse or blazer, you can’t lose with this ready-for-anything wardrobe essential. 

20. A black ‘midi’ dress – Cut just below the knee, the intermediate length pairs perfectly with late- summer sandals or ankle boots. 

21. A belted shirt dress – It’s as classic as an oxford shirt, as sexy as your favorite cocktail dress and as comfy as your favorite cotton tee.  

22. A floral dress – Don’t limit your blooms to spring and summer. Fall loves posies, too.

These Shoes Were Made For Styling:

23.  Ballerina-inspired lace up flats – Fabulously flattering when paired with just about anything. 

24.  Calf-length heeled boots – Taupe, charcoal or chocolate are good options for a more subtle infusion of edginess. 

25.  Closed-toe stilettos – When have these ever not been fabulous?

26.  Any shoe with a stacked heel – Because the ‘70s are back to play. 

Accessorize to Perfection:

27.  A leather cross-body bag – It’s a utilitarian, stylish and hands-free way to carry everything but the kitchen sink. 

28.  An oversized satchel – In any color, it’s sure to make a statement. Just get one. 

29.  A larger-than-life scarf – Go big or go home. It’s as simple as that. 

30.  Layered pearls – Some things are just timeless, and pearls are one of them. 

31.  The delicate lariat necklace – Who knew something so dainty could turn so many heads?

32. The slouchy beanie – Opt for a soft neutral to cover bad hair days. 

Generally Speaking:

33. Something striped – T-shirt, sweater or dress, it’s all good – as long as it comes bearing stripes.  

34. Anything velvet – From blazers to skinny jeans, the soft, luxurious fabric is back on deck. 

35. Jewel tones – They always remind us of just how much we love the changing seasons.  

36. Not-quite-matched denims – Where slightly conflicted denim is concerned, anything goes. 

37. All things tasseled – From jewelry to embellishments on handbags and shoes, they add texture, movement and whimsy to any ensemble. 

38. Monochromes – Varying shades of any color displayed together create harmony for the eye. 

39. Stonewash – Wear it with a basic black T-shirt and heeled booties and let your style rock and roll its way to center stage.  

40. Textured tights – They’re insta-sexy when worn with shorts and lend a bit of edginess to skirts or dresses.