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DIY: Hanging Planter Shelf

Aug 26, 2016 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

Well Planted

September 2016
Feature and photos by Monica Fatica

Create a wood floating shelf and use as a plant display or a side table. We left the natural wood but you can stain it to bring out the grain for a more rustic style.


• Round wood panel (find at a hardware or craft store)

• Scissors

• Twine or yarn

• Wall bracket  

• Stain (optional)


1. Cut approximately 30-40 strands of twine at 3 yards (9 feet) long.

2. Gather your strands and tie a knot at the center.

3. Divide the strands into four sections.

4. Twist or braid each section to create a pattern. 

5. Tie a knot about 4-6” from the top and then tie a knot at the bottom.

6. Set your wood panel inside the four patterned strands.