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DIY: Paint & Gold Leaf Ornaments

Nov 23, 2016 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

Golden Opportunity

December 2016
By Monica Fatica
Photos: Christy Zillges

Add some bling to your tree using craft store supplies and clear bulbs.


• Clear glass bulbs 

• Craft paint in whatever colors you choose

• Gold leaf sheets

• Adhesive for gold leaf

• Paint brushes (we used natural bristle)

• Thin ribbon 

• Gold spray paint or gilding wax (optional) 


1. Add a generous amount of craft paint to the inside of your glass bulbs.  

2. Cover the hole with your finger or with a paper towel and shake until the paint completely coats your bulb. We added a few drops of water to help evenly distribute the paint. If your paint is runny, let it dry or cover the hole when moving onto the next step. 

3. Apply the adhesive sporadically to the bottom half of your bulb using your paint brush. If you want a more rustic look, apply less; if you want the gold leaf to show more solidly, evenly apply the adhesive. Follow the instructions on the adhesive bottle by allowing it to sit for a few minutes to become tacky. 

4. Apply the gold leaf sheets where you applied the adhesive; you may need a few sheets to completely cover the area, depending on the look you want. 

5. Use your paint brush to help push the excess gold leaf pieces onto the bulb and to create a smooth finish. 

6. Optional – use the gold spray paint or gold gilding wax to coat the metal ornament hanger. 

Tip: Use your completed bulbs on your tree, wreaths, branch swags or table centerpieces.