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DIY: Rope Plant Basket

Dec 26, 2016 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

All Wrapped Up

January 2017
By Monica Fatica
Photos: Christy Zillges

Add a personalized look to your décor by creating a natural-looking holder for your plant.


• Basket or container in the size you want 

• Natural jute rope or thick twine

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks

• Scissors 

• Tape (optional)

• Craft paint in the color of your choice and a paintbrush


1. Glue your rope around the entire basket in rows, starting at the base. 

2. When you reach the top of the basket, cut the rope and glue the end piece to another piece of rope.   

3. You can freehand your paint line or use tape to create a clean line. 

4. Use your craft paint and brush to paint the base of your basket. This step could take a few coats, depending on how much coverage you’d like to achieve. Using a few spritz of water as needed can help the paint absorb into the rope.

Tip: Plan for ways to use your basket when you’re deciding on the size and color (i.e. plant holder, towels, throws, etc.). We found ours at the dollar store in the same neutral color as the rope, but a tin container could be used for a more appealing interior.