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DIY: Hanging Flower Garland

Jan 25, 2017 11:00AM ● Published by Monica Fatica

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Wall Flower

February 2017
By Monica Fatica
Photos: Christy Zillges

Add a whimsical hanging flower garland to your February décor or as a backdrop for your special event.


• Flower stems and foliage

• Branch or twig

• Thin twine 

• Scissors

• Garden shears


1. Cut a piece of twine to create your hanging, then tie each end to the top of the branch at your desired length. 

2. Cut multiple pieces of long twine and tie each one to your branch; we double knotted ours. The lengths can be different for a more whimsical look. 

3. If you have long ends at the base of the branch, you can trim them so they are more even.

4. Tie your flower and/or foliage stems to the twine at different lengths. You can create a pattern by working with one variation at a time or by working in sections.

5. When you’ve finished attaching your stems, straighten any tangled strands, then stand back and enjoy your creation! 

Tips: Use shades of florals or foliage that complement your personal taste. Different herbs or blossoms like kumquats result in an organic style and provide a fragrant scent.

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