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Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

Jan 25, 2017 11:00AM ● By Kendra Kaiserman

Let Them Eat Cake — Or Not

Special Wedding Section 2017
Photo by Simply Smith Photography

Sure, it’s tradition to have a big, elaborate wedding cake. But breaking tradition where dessert is concerned isn’t just something acceptable – it’s celebrated. Check out our list of 10 fabulous ways to treat your guests to something sweet, yet unexpected.

1. An ice cream bar. Pick a few basic flavors and some fun-filled toppings and let your guests have a ball making their own creations.

2. Layered fruit parfait in wine glasses or mason jars. Let the style of your wedding dictate which presentation would work best. This is a lovely way to incorporate your theme colors, as well.

3. Rice crispy treats. They’re just as delicious as they were when you were a kid. And everyone knows it. They’ll look all grown up, cut into pieces and layered onto stunning cake plates of varying heights.

4. A funnel cake bar. You’ll have guests lining up at the dessert table from the delicious aroma alone. Display a unique selection of toppings for customizable fun.

5. Mini French pastries. Bite-sized crème brûlée, napoleons, éclairs and fresh fruit tarts with brioche will have your guests saying “oooh là là, oui oui tout suite!”

6. A pie bar. There is something about eating pie that always feels like home. Use mini pies or full-sized ones on platters to create a unique display and a comfy atmosphere for your guests.

7. A candy bar. Clear apothecary jars in varying shapes make a wonderful display for your favorite sweet treats. Give each guest an organza pouch, a small mason jar or brown paper bags stamped with your names and wedding date for a treat guests can take home.

8. Chocolate-dipped fruit. Strawberries are classic and always delicious, but don’t overlook raspberries, oranges, apples, pineapples, apricots or mangoes to provide a fresh and exciting twist. Dried fruit works, too.

9. Doughnuts. Who doesn’t love a doughnut? And they can be glazed to complement your wedding colors perfectly.

10. A dessert table that celebrates your culture. Treat your guests to a dessert that represents your heritage in a way near and dear to your heart. Give your guests a chance to enjoy sticky rice with mango (from Thailand), Trés Leches (from Latin America and the Caribbean), flan (from Mexico), bread pudding, beignets or praline candy (from New Orleans), tiramisu (from Italy) or Russian tea cookies. What better way to leave a lasting impression on your guests than sharing a bit of yourself with them?