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DIY: Basket Pendant Light

Feb 22, 2017 03:09PM ● By Monica Fatica

Light it Up

By Kayla Stock
Photos: Christy Canafax
March 2017

Add some interest and texture to your décor by turning a basket into a pendant light. 


• Basket • Plug-in light kit • Self-adhesive felt pad • Utility knife • Scissors • Light bulb 

1. If your basket has handles, you can remove them with heavy duty scissors or a utility knife. 

2. Use a utility knife to cut an x-shape into the self-adhesive felt pad. 

3. Create a hole at the bottom of the basket using your scissors.

4. Push the plug-in end of the cord through the x-shape of the self-adhesive pad, starting at the felt end. 

5. Push the plug-in end of the cord through the bottom of the basket, starting from the inside. You can either remove the protective paper from the self-adhesive pad and place the adhesive side inside the bottom of the basket, or you can leave the adhesive paper in place and allow the light to hold it in place.

6. Hang your light from a ceiling hook or wall bracket at the height you prefer. 

TIP: Choose a tight weave basket for dim lighting or loose weave for bright lighting. You can also use a decorative cover or wrap rope around the cord to hide it.