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Denim Blue... Here, There and Everywhere

Feb 22, 2017 05:13PM ● By Kimberly Boney

Blue Jean Baby

By Kimberly Bonéy
March 2017

Imagine slipping on your favorite pair of blue jeans, their soft indigo granting you instant relief from the stresses of the world, giving you confidence and comfort as they hug you in all the right places. Sure, denim has found its niche in the form of jeans, denim jackets and button-front blouses in all shades of blue. But thinking that denim only belongs hanging in your closet is more than a gross oversight – in this day and age, when denim shines in the dark, it would be a creative travesty. We’ll show you some hip new ways to infuse the blue stuff into your wardrobe, and offer up a few more fabulously unexpected uses for the style concept that has charmed its way into our hearts for nearly 150 years. 


One is left to wonder if, in 1871, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss partnered to create the first ever “blue jeans” from the fabric that had been invented centuries before in Genoa, Italy, they had any inkling of the kind of impact their creation would have on the world.  Widely acknowledged as the most popular apparel on the planet, the classic blue jean is getting some exciting upgrades for 2017.

Embellish it: Lace, patchwork and appliqués all have their place on your denim this season. Whimsical and youthful, these sweet additions allow you to tell the world a bit about you without saying a word. Are you feeling ultra-feminine, edgy or fun today?  Don’t answer that. Let your embellishments do the talking. Prefer a more subtle infusion of personality? Add bold stitching to your denim in a high-contrast color to create a one-of-a-kind pair of baby blues. 

Runways and street style have both been set ablaze with the concept of rocking jeans with epic holes in the knees. But the “it factor” of this ultra-distressed style goes sky high when the holey blues are paired with black fishnets and black closed-toe pumps.   

Try a new shape: Yes, yes. We, too, love the ever-popular skinny jean and the loose-fitting boyfriend style pair of blues, with the so-imperfect-they’re-perfect cuffs at the bottom. But don’t get so stuck on one style that you neglect all of the other fun options out there. From flared to frayed to asymmetrical, the bottom of your pant legs can speak volumes for your sense of personal style. Find a look that feels fresh and just go with it. 

Wear it on your feet: Denim isn’t just for jeans and jackets anymore. If you want to walk your way into stardom in 2017, find yourself a good pair of denim boots. Or heels. Or wedges. OK, just about any pair of denim shoes will have you turning heads.

It makes for exciting jewelry: The coolest thing about denim is the way its fibers just seem to move according to our whim. A swatch of denim turned into a cuff bracelet is more than just a stylish way to infuse a bit of blue love into your ensemble – it may be a conversation starter. Try on a frayed denim necklace to add a texturally fascinating edge to a basic T-shirt or dress. And who says earrings can’t come in the form of fabric? We love the idea of adorning ourselves from the ears down in denim. And since bold, statement jewelry is back with a vengeance this season, the time has never been better to go big. 


Comfort. It’s the love language of our favorite pair of blue jeans. But why shouldn’t it take center stage at home, too? Consider incorporating some denim elements into your décor to create a look that is simultaneously relaxed, yet oh-so-of-the-moment. It pairs perfectly with wooden elements and palettes that include grey or white, but don’t overlook the power of denim to work with a full range of color. Just like your favorite blue jeans, denim elements in your home will go with virtually anything. 

Upholster it: Remove any and all thoughts that denim furniture is only for college dorm rooms. Seriously. Just scratch that. Denim shows up and shows out when it makes an appearance on a wing-backed chair, a tufted ottoman or in a beautiful patchwork on a series of throw pillows. Find a piece of furniture with some bones that you love, wrangle up some denim fabric – or repurpose some old jeans – and make your home as comfortable and stylish as your favorite pair of dungarees. Feeling bold? Consider drapery in denim.  

Put it on the walls: Not only can you use your favorite pair of blue jeans as the inspiration to paint a wall (or several) in your abode, but you can, quite literally, use denim elements as framed art. This is an opportunity to get creative and to make use of those jeans that never quite did it for you, the ones you still just can’t bear to toss out. Cut the denim into shapes, layer it in with some other denim or a contrasting fabric and create a denim lover’s masterpiece. 

Accessorize with it: With denim at play in just about every facet of fashionable life, it shouldn’t be hard to score a few beautiful blue decor pieces in the fun-loving blue hue. Consider lampshades, denim chandeliers, decorative orbs and china with blue and white patterns to mix and mingle with your denim elements. 

Infuse the hue naturally: Nothing makes a home feel loved like bringing a bit of the outside in. Snip some blue hydrangea from the garden, put a dried lavender bouquet in a vase, or place a planter box full of succulents with kisses of blue in a prominent place in
the room. There’s something ever-new about the blue. •