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March 2017—Enchanted

Feb 23, 2017 12:46PM ● Published by Ronda Ball

Editor's Note — March 2017

On the Cover: Alison Olsen and Valentine the Barbados Lamb from Jacobus De Groot Dairy
Photo by Simply Smith Photography

Walls for the winds 

A roof for the rain 

Tea beside the fire 

Laughter to cheer you 

Those you love near you 

And all your heart might desire.

- Irish blessing

We feel quite blessed for the opportunity to share another issue of Enjoy Magazine, and we encourage you to relax, grab your favorite warm beverage and learn a few new things about what makes South Valley Living so special.

Natalie Martin has turned a hobby into a creative career through her Horsethief Soap Company, where she makes soap with an unlikely special ingredient – beer. Lather up with a bar of Misty Mountain Morning, One Trick Pony or The Squeakin’ Clean Cowboy – every variety tells a story.

They’re underrated instruments, the bagpipes, but their sound can’t be mistaken. They are also steeped in rich history, which the Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipe and Drums band continues to carry out with pride. 

Denim jeans have clearly stood the test of time, but there’s room for this versatile fabric elsewhere in your life. We’ll tell you how to incorporate it into your home décor to create a relaxed, oh-so-comfortable atmosphere. Speaking of decorating, New Vision’s Re-Loved Home Furnishing rescues mid-century furniture and home décor and transforms them into practical, interactive works of art. We’ll introduce you to the folks behind this endeavor.

Then meet Caleb Brown, a 10-year-old actor who has already built an impressive resume of theater roles, commercials and more. He’s a guy who held auditions for his second-grade birthday party performance, and reassured Jennifer Aniston that she was doing well on set one day.

And because everyone needs a little help sometimes, Assistance League Visalia aims to enrich children’s lives through volunteerism and education. Learn what they do and how you can help.

Wishing you the luck of the Irish, today and always. Enjoy!

March 2017 — Enchanted

In Print March 2017 South Valley Living Alison Olsen Valentine the barbados lamb Jacobus De Groot Dairy
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