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DIY: Antiqued Mirror

Jun 21, 2017 11:00AM ● By Kendra Kaiserman

Mirror Image

July 2017
Story by Kayla Stock
Photos by Kelli Avila


• Frame with glass and cardboard back

• Spray bottle

• Vinegar

• Krylon looking glass spray paint

• Colored spray paint (we used blue)

• Glass cleaner

• Paper towels 

• Craft paper 

• Tape (if glass does not pop out of frame)

1. Take cardboard backing off your frame and tape off your frame (or pop out glass).

2.  Clean the glass. Bring frame outside and flip it to the back side of the glass.

3. Make sure your spray bottle is spraying medium-sized droplets,not a heavy stream. Spray glass evenly or as desired. This is the base of your antiqued effect.

4. Create your mirror by spraying looking glass paint evenly over the vinegar droplets. 

5. Generously blot the raised vinegar droplets with a paper towel so the droplets flatten and paint comes off to reveal spots of clear glass.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 with heavier amounts of vinegar and blotting.

7. After looking glass paint is dry, spray the entire back with your chosen paint. This color will be revealed through the blotted-off portions of the mirror and create a color-washed antiqued effect. 

8. Make sure all paint is dry and put back cover on frame. (Paint will bubble if it’s not completely dry.) Hang and enjoy!

TIPS:  Instead of blue color wash, try your favorite color - we love blue, blush or citron green. For a true antiqued effect, instead of color, continue using looking glass paint, vinegar and blotting until you achieve your desired antique look.