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Finding Treatment with Personal Stem Cells

Aug 25, 2017 11:00AM ● By Jordan Venema

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September 2017
Story by Jordan Venema
Photos courtesy of Dr. Daria Majzoubi of Maj Medical Clinic 

Over time and with advancements in technology, medicine has transformed dramatically. We’ve come such a long way from medieval practices like bloodletting, and an even longer way from the Babylonian treatment for teeth grinding (sleeping next to a human skull for seven nights), that it’s difficult even to imagine a world before antibiotics. With pharmacologists creating new cures and surgeons new procedures and scientists new technologies, modern medicine is pushing the limits of health and life. And yet for all these advances, as we look for cures outside ourselves, modern medicine sometimes still falls short. And yet, relatively newer treatment with stem cells is proving that some cures can still be found within our own bodies.

One local family physician, Dr. Daria Majzoubi of Maj Medical Clinic, began stem cell treatment about two years ago, and both and he and his patients have seen tremendous results – sometimes where other treatments had previously failed. 

Stem cell treatment isn’t exactly a household practice, though it had become something of a household word when a form of stem cell research proved controversial. But this form of stem cell treatment, assures Majzoubi, is entirely different.

“The stem cell research they were talking about years ago had to do with fetal stem cells, which is where the controversy was coming from,” says Majzoubi. “The stem cells we’re talking about are adult stem cells that we get from your own body and re-inject back into the blood stream.”

Majzoubi explains, “Stem cells have the property of homing to an area that needs regeneration. Cells that are injured or dying or aging produce chemicals that attract resident stem cells in the tissue to come and regenerate that tissue. But there’s only a certain supply of these stem cells. This therapy is a way to augment that population so regeneration happens much quicker.”

Stem cell treatment is relatively new, but it’s also rare. In fact, Majzoubi is the only physician between Los Angeles and San Francisco who offers the treatment.  

“I started researching the use of stem cells, and after reading articles I realized this works better (than other treatments). I went to Montana and trained under Robert Alexander, one of the pioneers in stem cell treatments and research.”

While stem cell treatment began for knee and ligament injuries, research has since found that it can also suppress the immune system from attacking itself, “so it is useful in treating autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions,” says Majzoubi. It can also treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and even help regrow hair. 

“The first patient I treated was a year and a half ago,” says Majzoubi. “A patient had lupus and couldn’t get out of the house. A few weeks after the treatment, she got better and better, and now she’s going hiking, doing all kinds of things.”

The reason stem cells are so effective, says Majzoubi, is they are able to become any kind of tissue. “They are like a parent cell,” explains Majzoubi.  “When an embryo develops, for example, you have embryonic stem cells that turn into different tissues as the baby develops, and in our body we also have resident stem cells in all of our tissues that when injured, the stem cells can turn into that tissue. So stem cells are the cells that can turn into any other cell in the body.”

And scientists are only beginning to discover what stem cells can really do.

“They are even beginning to explore the use of stem cells in cancer treatment,” Majzoubi says.

“Stem cell treatment offers something more than what modern medicine can,” continues Majzoubi. “If a patient comes to me for stem cell treatment, then they’ve probably been through the gamut of modern medicine.” 

Which is what makes stem cell treatment so interesting: The source of healing comes from within the patient’s own body. “Exactly,” says Majzoubi. “It’s almost like we have everything we need to heal ourselves. All this treatment does is harness that power and concentrates it and directs it to the site of injury."

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