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October 2017—Humble Harvest

Sep 25, 2017 09:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

Editor's Note — October 2017

On the Cover: Ryan and Monica Fatica
Photo by Kelli Avila Photography

THANKFULNESS. That’s a word that generally seems best suited for November and Thanksgiving. But it’s a word that’s perfectly fitting for this year, and really, every year, every day. When we started Enjoy South Valley Living three years ago this month, it was with the purpose of reminding the South Valley of all we have to offer and sharing it with the world around us. There is such a beauty to the area we live in, there are amazing things to do here and we have incredible people who make up our communities doing really big things. Sometimes the world around us feels dark and negative. But Enjoy shines a light into that darkness and reminds people of the good there is in the community around them. We are thankful for our advertisers who’ve partnered with us. Sure, they want to sell their products or services (who doesn’t want to do that to keep their business going?). But by choosing to spend advertising dollars with Enjoy, they’ve joined with us to help spread the good stuff. And that makes them part of this team. You, our readers, do the same thing. You share our stories on social media about all the great things going on here. We are ever so thankful for that. 

This month, we’ll introduce you to the magnificent nine-acre Estate by the Elderberries in Oakhurst, near Yosemite. It’s home to the Elderberry House restaurant and the Chateau du Sureau, a 10-bedroom hotel with the air of a European castle.

Then, if you’re headed to Bakersfield, check out the Crystal Palace, a passion project of legendary country-western musician Buck Owens. It’s a dance hall, restaurant, theater and museum that pays tribute to country music.

We’ll tell you about Harvesting Hope, where students serve their schools and community in imaginative ways, such as fighting food insecurity by gleaning.

And don’t forget about the 37th annual Springville Apple Festival, where you can enjoy apple pie while browsing through 125 booths and vendors.

As we look forward to another year of bringing Enjoy to our communities, we are excited for the adventures ahead. We are grateful to be able to do what we love. Thank you to a community of dreamers, believers, thinkers, doers, creators and inventors for believing the South Valley is something beautiful and something to Enjoy. We are thankful!

Humble Harvest - October 2017

In Print October 2017—Humble Harvest
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