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DIY: Minimal Christmas Wreath

Nov 27, 2017 11:00AM ● Published by Kayla Stock

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Let there be Joy!

December 2017
Story by Kayla Stock
Photos by Kelli Avila


• Hula hoop

• Spray paint (gold or silver)

• Wood letters (J, O, Y) 

• Twine

• Scissors

• Fresh or faux eucalyptus 


1. Spray paint hula hoop in the metallic color of your choice.

2. Spray paint letters in the metallic color of your choice.

3. Tie twine in a knot around the hula hoop and start wrapping twine over the hoop in X patterns.

4. Cut eucalyptus stems and tie stems around the edge of the hoop to create the wreath.

5. Hang letters to spell “JOY” (add additional tape to back of letters to keep them from moving around).

6. Hang and enjoy!

TIP: Use letters to spell a different word of your choice or use a different spray paint color.

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