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Color Cues

Jan 25, 2018 05:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Photo by: Simply Smith Photography; Florals: Noonans Designs

Blush + Berry + Rose Gold = Perfection

February 2018
By Kimberly Bonéy
Photos courtesy of Amber Smith

On your wedding day,  there will be romance. But a color palate featuring blush, berry and rose gold is sure to set hearts ablaze for the momentous occasion. 2018 isn’t shy about its affinity for all things feminine, but this combination elevates shades of pale pink beyond their traditional connection to fairy-tale princesses. When shades of blush combine with rich, mulberry-hued goodness and decadent-yet-modern rose gold, the result is pure divinity. The lovely trio can be incorporated fabulously into your celebration from the tiniest to the grandest detail.

Bridesmaids:  Let your bridesmaids shine in alternating shades of blush, berry and rose gold. Even if you opt to have them wear the same style of dress, the option to choose a color helps them stay connected to their personal style. Accent their ensembles with stunning rose gold accessories. With rose gold at peak popularity, it shouldn’t be hard to find some stylish gems to complete the look perfectly.  Bonus points if you seek out a local jewelry designer to custom create something unique for each of your ladies. 

Groomsmen: The best thing about this color combination is how well it pairs with just about any neutral. If your wedding is more classic in nature, opt for black suits or tuxedos. If you prefer a more modern take, consider grey or navy suits. For a vintage flair, why not give chocolate brown suits a try? Offer the gents the same choices when it comes to their vest/tie or bowtie/suspender combination as you offered the ladies. Let the mutual appreciation for the same color draw the bridesmaid/groomsman pair together organically.

Bouquets:  Whether you are partial to bouquets with traditional blooms or are more drawn to a handful of wildflowers or greenery, you can tie in the color combination with the wrapping of a ribbon. For something glam, bundle the bouquet with shimmering rose gold ribbon. For a more subtle style infusion, find a soft, wide, satin ribbon in blush or berry. 

Tablescapes: This season’s banquet tables are laden with fresh blooms or greenery – or both. A mix of blush and berry flowers couldn’t get much prettier, but if lush greens are more your thing, they’ll be just as gorgeous and of the moment. Layer the blooms over a swoon-worthy shimmering table runner in rose gold, layered with a second, slightly narrower runner over the top in blush. Let the pair dangle off the table until it nearly grazes the floor and bundle the end to perfection with a simple ribbon. Fold in rose gold charger plates and candlesticks, mercury glass votive containers, berry toned candles and vintage carnival glassware in blush, berry or both for a crème de la crème dining experience.

The cake: We are so grateful for all of the modern innovations where cakes are concerned. Our favorite might just be the fact that edible metallic-looking frosting is as beautiful as it is delicious. And it has never been prettier than it is in rose gold. Add fresh blooms in blush and berry for a cake that is sure to shine. 

The drinks: There is no shortage of drink options that take full advantage of the beauty of a blush or berry hue. A good rosé is a classic, elegant option you can’t go wrong with. For a great cocktail, consider a Blushing Paloma, a traditional Mexican cocktail made with grapefruit soda and tequila. A Black Swan, made with Russian vodka and macerated blackberries, is a lovely way to introduce the rich hue into the mix. If a beer is more your speed, give Lindeman’s Framboise – a Belgian, raspberry-flavored lambic – a whirl. Consider it beer’s elegant, big-city sister. Chill it to perfection and serve it to your guests in a wine glass, because, well, we’re celebrating. 

The rings: Want to go all in with the blush and berry theme? Consider an engagement ring made of morganite as an elegant alternative to an expensive diamond. A type of aquamarine with a stellar blush-colored hue, the stone is said to represent unconditional love. It’s frequently set into rose gold because they look marvelous together. As rich as the combination looks, the price point is incredibly reasonable. It’s like getting champagne on beer money. 

A rose gold wedding band for him is sure to radiate with his love for you.  A solid, single-toned rose gold ring with a textured finish will catch eyes and win hearts. This look is ideal for the classic man. But it can’t be overstated how well rose gold and tungsten, white gold or lignum vitae wood play together. For the guy who likes to keep it fresh, the contrasting materials will be a win.