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Your Own Oasis

Jan 25, 2018 05:00AM ● By Kerri Regan

The Latest Trends in Backyard Landscaping

February 2018
Story by Kerri Regan

Creating a relaxing, welcoming sanctuary in your backyard is a wise investment of time and resources. Let’s face it – changing up the layout of your backyard isn’t as easy as updating your living room, where you can create a completely new look by throwing a new coat of paint on the walls, rearranging the furniture and updating your artwork. But we’ve got a few trendy tips for making the best of your outdoor space.

• Au natural: Railroad ties and wooden swings are a few of the many ways you can create a natural, DIY-type look in your yard. Low-maintenance gardens with drought-tolerant plants and overgrown hedges have become the go-to style in landscape design, and expansive lawns are becoming less popular every year.

• Local love: We shop local – why not garden local? The South Valley’s garden supply shops carry plenty of native plants that are designed for our particular climate.

• Edible beauty: Don’t be the only multitasker in your household – let your garden do double-duty, too! Plant a mix of herbs, fruits and veggies, and you’ll find yourself simply walking out to the backyard when you’re hankering for a salad. And if you end up with extras, sharing the bounty is a great way to befriend a neighbor.

• Water, water, everywhere: The sound of running water soothes the soul. From water walls to plug-in fountains, options for creating your own oasis are only limited by your budget and your imagination.

• Color me inspired: A pop of bright color on a wall or a planter box full of flowers that perfectly match your patio furniture are fun and easy ways to create a focal point.

• Sitting pretty: These days, outdoor furniture can be just as comfortable as the seating you choose for your living room. Built-in seating is growing in popularity – a fire pit, fireplace or pizza oven can anchor the area beautifully (and that warmth can extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space).

• Pick them! As a child, did your heart break a tiny bit every time your mom said “Don’t pick the flowers”? Well, we’re giving you permission! Fewer things are lovelier than a garden-to-table arrangement, so fill your garden with flowers that can be cut and enjoyed inside, as well. For extra fun, throw a handful of wildflower seeds into the soil and let Mother Nature surprise you.