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Style Trends to Adore in 2018

Mar 03, 2018 11:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Love is in the Details

March 2018
By Kimberly N. Boney

IT'S A LOVE AFFAIR as old as time. Every year, fashion lovers worldwide wait to catch a glimpse of what’s hot off the runway, hoping to incorporate some life-giving looks into the fold. We gaze adoringly at shiny magazine pages, drawing nigh to the ones that make our hearts soar.  We’ve scoured this year’s most swoon-worthy looks and placed them here.  You’re welcome.

Lavender: We’re not sure if the announcement of Pantone’s color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet, had anything at all to do with it, or if we are just holding over our love for Millennial Pink and all things whimsical and feminine into this new season, but whatever the reason is for the sudden and all-encompassing love for lavender, we are here for it. From dresses  and sweaters to blazers or basic tees that pair with just about anything, it’s worth picking up at least a few pieces in the lovely hue. Wear it monochromatically or contrast it with navy, taupe, charcoal or chocolate to breathe new life into your neutrals. 

Dark Denim: Wait. Don’t go tossing out your light, distressed denim. We’re just saying you should add a few elements of dark, crisp blue to your collection. As the dressy big sister to the soft, well-loved baby blues you are used to, dark denim is ideal for casual Fridays at work, a night on the town or an afternoon of shopping. Pair it with an equally dark blue denim blazer for an unexpectedly cool look. And no, it doesn’t look like your grandmother’s leisure suit.  Dark denim is way too fresh for that. 

Fringe: A sweet nod to the 1920s Flapper style, a bit of modern-day fringe is the way to catch eyes and hearts. Sure, a dress with fringe is fabulous, but if you need something more casual, let the fringe benefits rise to the top in the form of a scarf, a handbag, a bold pair of heels with fringed embellishments or ever-popular tassel jewelry. Even subtle infusions of this style trend, like a frayed edge on the bottom of a jean leg, is a texturally diverse way to incorporate the trend. The movement is sure to have you feeling runway ready.

Transparency: Do not – we repeat, do NOT – take your cue from the Fashion Week runways in a literal sense with this trend. The only place you (or anyone around you) would likely feel comfortable enough to rock this style without anything underneath it is on a catwalk. And, well, we’re just not there. You can, however, wear a sheer element over an opaque layer to add a beautiful and refreshing dimension to your ensemble. A slip dress or a pair of leggings and a tank in a neutral color under a sheer topper can help make this couture trend a ready-to-wear reality. 

Art-Inspired: It’s always a good thing to be considered a walking masterpiece. Wearing an art-inspired piece of clothing like a jacket, dress or t-shirt is a sure-fire way to do just that. Pair it with something solid to let the creative genius speak for itself. If you prefer the fine art of subtlety, add it to the mix in the form of a scarf or a handbag. Either way, you’ll be as pretty as a picture. 

Florals: Obviously. It is spring, after all. But these blooms aren’t the typical interpretation we’re used to. Picture the boldness of the ‘60s with a 2018 color palate. We love the way fiery tangerine and cherry blossom pink play together. Periwinkle flowers against a red backdrop are enchanting, too, especially because the duo pair so well with denim. The options for color combinations are as varied as the blooms Mother Nature shares with us. Just be sure to showcase this look with something solid so that your flowers take center stage.

Faded Black: Black always has been – and always will be – the new black. But there is something incredibly “now” about a black that looks like it’s gone through the washing machine one too many times. It’s that perfectly imperfect, I’ve-been-here-before look that makes the wearer look effortlessly chic. Look for faded black jeans, t-shirts, sweetly-worn-in leather elements and, of course, a leather jacket to carry off the look perfectly. And since the ‘90s punk rock style is clearly here to stay for a while, throw in a little bit of edginess with fishnet tights or top made out of similar material. Pick one or the other, though (not both), so it keeps you from looking like an extra in a B-grade ‘80s movie. You don’t need those problems. 

Puffed-Shoulders: For many years, you may have held on to that vintage dress, blouse or jacket, knowing that one day, that puffed sleeve would be a “wow” instead of a “whoa” move. Today is that day. A mile-high shoulder isn’t what we’re after here. A subtle, feminine nod to the Victorian era is the soft yet noticeable element that can take your outfit from fair to fabulous. Look for it on romantic button front blouses or ethereal maxi dresses. If you are feeling wild this season, the leather jacket is an ideal vehicle for this look. Is it haute in here or is it just your puffed shoulder talking?   •