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DIY: Entryway Hooks

Mar 30, 2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Hanging Around

March 2018
Story by Kayla Stock 
Photos by Kelli Avila







Leather hole puncher (not pictured)

Hammer (not pictured)


1. Cut your leather straps 8 to 10 inches long, depending on how low you want your hooks to hang from your dowel.

2. Punch holes in the straps, on the top of each side of the leather. Punch the bottom holes by folding the strap in half and punching a hole a quarter-inch up from the bottom. Make sure your hole goes all the way through.

3. Keeping the strap folded in half, screw the metal rivets into the top hole of 

the strap so the top is the ends of your cut leather.

4. On the bottom holes of the strap, push your grommet in place and hammer until it is secure. Repeat steps above until you have the number of straps that you want (we did 8, for 6 hooks). Leave two straps with only top holes; these will be your end straps.

5. Glide your straps on to the dowel, making sure the two top hole straps are on the end.

6. Put the S-hooks on the grommets, hang your accessories and enjoy!