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Biking, Walking or Jogging, Clovis Has a Trail for You

Mar 30, 2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Happy Trails

April 2018
By Michael Guzzetta

THE GATEWAY TO THE SIERRAS—an appropriate nickname for the small, humble town of Clovis, which features an array of extensive “gateways” that are particularly beautiful during spring in the central valley. They’re known officially as the Clovis Trails, and they lead to myriad parks, rest areas, viewpoints and even a shopping center. Parts of the trails are in Fresno but the majority are either in Clovis or lead to Old Town Clovis. While there is a plethora of trails to explore, the two that pass through parks are the most frequently traveled. 

The scenic Clovis Old Town Trail intersects the Dry Creek Trail, a winding path that moves through a popular park (of the same name as the trail), as well as the quaint and charming Old Town Clovis. 

The Old Town Trail is the longest of all the paths, and can be an all-day event for anyone wanting to explore. Also referred to as the Sugar Pine Trail, it begins in a section of northeast Fresno near the River Park shopping center right off Blackstone and Nees. Recent construction has created not only a wider path to cycle, jog or walk on, but also added the convenience of underground tunnels. Several portions of the trail intersect streets, but now, instead of waiting for the light on a crosswalk, you can roll through these metro-esque mini-tunnels and pop up on the other side, journey uninterrupted. The tunnels and the trail’s separation from busy streets gives the path a far more intimate setting.

The tunnels are lit, and street lights line the path for those who enjoy late-night excursions. Explore where your whims may take you, and perhaps even pour out into Old Town Clovis to peruse the local shops and historic museum. The user-friendly Old Town Trail also has benches and water fountains.

The path of most leisure may be the Dry Creek Trail. It’s not as long as the Old Town Clovis Trail and can be enjoyed on a Sunday when nothing is going on and you would like to take a stroll. Perhaps the best aspect of this trail is the spearhead called the Dry Creek Trailhead. It marks the beginning of the trail and includes a small, enticingly simple park with a large parking lot. There are plenty of tables and benches where you can enjoy a picnic. The path is often well traveled, but the winding nature of its course, together with the birch trees lining the way, creates a perfect ambiance for serenity. During the spring, trees turn lush and verdant and blossoms abound. This path is recommended to be enjoyed during the daytime only as there is sparse lighting along the trail. 

You can wind down after your adventurous day by relaxing on benches and soaking in the charming western and homey architecture of the area. Take advantage of a bike rack in the areas surrounding Old Town after a long ride and pick up an ice cream cone or sit down at one of the local coffeehouses to sip on a cup of espresso. The Gateway to the Sierras harbors paths that are perfect for solo travelers, friends or families seeking to spend  time together with laughs, joy and adventure. •