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Grand Gestures for the Greatest Moms

Apr 26, 2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

In Honor of Mom

May 2018
By Emily Miranda

DUE TO THE efforts of Anna Jarvis and her love for her late mother, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day an official national holiday on May 9, 1914. What sparked the origin of this holiday was a church service held in honor of Anna Jarvis’ late mother six years prior to President Wilson’s Mother’s Day proclamation.  From what started as a religious service to honor moms, Mother’s Day has expanded into a day to love and appreciate the mother figures in your life with gifts, flowers and sentimental cards.

The mother figures in your life are the very women who supported you, loved you and helped you grow into the beautiful person you are today. Maybe she cooked your every meal growing up or maybe she’s the reason you made it to every sports game and practice on time. She might be the reason for your love of gardening or the tutor you needed for difficult homework assignments throughout high school.  Here are some fun ideas to honor those wonderful women:

Soccer moms: These moms love their children and sports, making it to every game, cheering them on, and supporting them through wins and losses. Surprise her with a pair of tickets to her favorite sporting event, along with all travel expenses paid or provided.

Mother of flowers: She’s in awe of nature and its beauty...the smell of a rose, the colors of her irises and the big black and yellow bumblebees that visit her garden.  Gift her a unique floral arrangement or a planter box filled with lovely plants she can add to her garden.

Queen of the house: Mothers who love hosting events, and enjoy dressing up for any special occasion are all about the details, glitz, and glam. Get a custom piece of jewelry made specific to her tastes, add a heartwarming engraving for sentiment and wrap it with the perfect bow. 

Mother of books: Whether reading fairy tales or adventure books, these moms ignite their children’s imaginations, inspiring them to dream big. They are a library of creativity and story telling, and are always up for a new adventure. Treat her to a first edition of her favorite book or a signed copy by an author she loves.

Sweet heart: She’s always in the kitchen baking cookies, brownies or cupcakes for her family as her way of saying ‘I love you’.  Speak her language back and bake her a batch of her favorite cookies, or arrange a cupcake bouquet with an “I love you” frosted message. •