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DIY: Hanging Planter

May 26, 2018 11:00AM ● Published by Enjoy Magazine

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Higher Ground

June 2018
By Kayla Stock
Photos by Megan Welker


Metal bowl

Plant (we used a prayer plant)


Decorators chain

3 small S-hooks

1 large S-hook


Metal file


TIP: You can use a basket instead of a bowl or rope instead of chain to achieve your desired look.



1. Drill three holes at the top of the bowl. For an accurate weight distribution, space the holes evenly around the bowl. Use the metal file on the holes so there are no sharp edges.

2. Separate the decorators chain into three even pieces, keeping in mind how far you want the planter to hang down, though the length can be adjusted at the end.

3. Hook the three pieces of chain onto the bowl by using the small S-hooks. 

4. Detangle any chain that may have gotten jumbled. 

5. Plant and secure the plant in the metal bowl.

6. Hook the opposite ends of the chains to the large S-hook. This is where your planter will hang from.

If your chain is too long, you can adjust the bottom ends of the chains to a hole that is higher up on the chain.

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