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Top Ten Apps You Can't Live Without

Jun 14, 2018 01:11PM ● By Emily Miranda

Top Ten Mobile Apps You Can't Live Without

June 2018
By Emily J. Miranda

Our society has grown more and more app-reliable in the last decade due to the rapid growth of technology.  Today, nearly all our needs are a screen-touch away because of the numerous apps available to us. Need transportation? There’s an app for that.  Can’t see your way in the dark? Turn on the Flashlight app.  Lost on a road trip? Check your phone’s map app and you’re set. 

As vital as some of these apps have become, it was no surprise to see map and banking apps as some of the top ten nominated.  Yet in doing research and including your opinions, social media apps dominated the top spots.  Apparently, we live in a time where many find that Instagram and Facebook are apps they just can’t live without.  Check out the entire list of Top Ten Mobile Apps You Can’t Live Without below:


1. Map Apps

No one enjoys the feeling of being lost, so it’s no wonder map apps are number one on the list.  The top map apps downloaded and nominated by users are Google Map and Apple’s Maps.  Personally, I’ve found my map app, on several occasions, to have saved me from losing my way, thus, I can attest to the fact that this is truly an app I can’t live without.


2. Facebook Apps

Both the Facebook and the Facebook Messenger apps are two of the most downloaded and used apps of 2017 and 2018.  Seeing that Facebook has held its ground over similar social media platforms (outliving sites like MySpace and Friendster), the social platform has made its mark in the app world, standing as our second most ‘vital’ app needed to live.


3. Instagram

Sharing and admiring photos is what Instagram is all about—keeping up with friends and favorite interests through photo blogging.  I’m not certain anyone would truly suffer if their access to a stream of photos was cut off, but several app users nominated Instagram as one of their top apps they can’t live without.  So, I’ll take their word for it.


4. Amazon

Becoming one of the world’s leading marketplaces, Amazon has branched out to consumers and sellers through their mobile app.  The app, nearly identical to the website, has made buying and selling more dependable as well as accessible for every day deals.


5. Music Apps

People need their music, it’s uplifting, inspiring, and purely enjoyable.  A world without music is a lifeless world, so to claim you can’t live without apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Soundcloud is fairly believable.  Research shows that to many app users, music is life!   


6. Netflix

Subjectively, life might be a bit drab without anytime access to shows such as The OfficeStranger Things, and Breaking Bad, but all in all I believe we’d survive the binge-watching withdrawals.  And yet, statistics would disagree, showing that several of you claim the popular Netflix app is a must for living.


7. Banking Apps

Budgeting, money management, and keeping up on paying bills would fall under some of the more responsible activities you can do on your phone.  Chase MobileBank of America Mobile Banking, and similar banking apps not only remind you to save, but also keep you up-to-date on your expenses and/or spending habits—priorities several of you must have, seeing that banking apps made it into the Top Ten. Props to you! 


8. YouTube

The American video-sharing website is the largest host of videos in the world.  More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices (averaging over 1,000,000,000 mobile views per day).  As entertaining as viral videos are, it’s no wonder why this app is so popular.


9. Google

There are several instances where the world’s biggest search engine has helped many out of a bind.  Thus, seeing that the Google app readily provides information at your fingertips, the use of this app can easily turn into a life essential. 


10. Email

Apple’s Mail and Google’s Gmail were both nominated and recommended by app users.  Availability on the go with coworkers and clients might be the leading perks to using an email app, however, having mobile access to email not only makes doing business simpler, but can help you stay in touch with people you care about—and that is something no one wants to live without.