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DIY: Oversized Wood Candlesticks

Jun 28, 2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Hold a Candle

July 2018
By Kayla Stock
Photos by Kelli Avila


Large Table Leg (found at hardware store)

Small Table Leg  (found at hardware store)

(2) Fence Post Cap  (found at hardware store)

Drill Bits


(4) Wood Screws

Round Wood Plaque (found at craft store) 

Wood Stain

Countersink drill attachement

TIP: Use a walnut colored stain to get a “farmhouse” look when styling.

1. Countersink the bottom of the fence cap so that your wood screw sits in the bottom of the candlestick level. Make sure the countersink is on the widest flattest part of the fence cap, this will be the bottom of your candlestick. Repeat for each fence cap.

2. Pre drill holes on both bottoms of your fence caps so that the screw goes in easily when attaching the legs. Also pre drill the wood plaques for the top of the candlesticks at this time.

3. Pre drill in the bottom of the table legs for the screws to fit. To get the correct size for your drill bit, hold your drill bit on top of the screw and make sure the thread of the screw is still showing as you look down on it. 

4. Set your fence cap on the bottom of the table leg so that the countersink is facing up. (You want to smallest tier of the cap facing down so that when you stand your candlestick it will rest on the widest part of the cap). Attach the leg and the fence cap with a wood screw. Do this for both table legs.

5. Repeat step number 4 but with the round wood plaques this time. Do this for both table legs.

6. Using your stain of choice, stain the wood to finish them off.