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Creative Options for Wedding Favors

Jul 26, 2018 11:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

You’re Our Favor-ite

August 2018
By Kimberly N. Boney

Wedding favors are the perfect vehicle to send your guests home with a little extra love on your special day. In this day and age, when less is more, it’s a good idea to pass on anything that will create more clutter. Choose, instead, to give gifts they will truly enjoy, even if it isn’t something they’ll keep for a lifetime. Edibles, useful or meaningful items are what will stay in their hearts long after you’ve said “I do.” Here are our favorite eight for 2018.

A Music-Filled CD – Create a soundtrack for your wedding day with your favorite tunes, particularly ones that will occupy a prominent spot at your reception. Have the CD topped with your photo and your wedding date. Just make sure that they are in a format that is recognizable to all electronic devices. Your guests will think of you every time they hear the happy tunes drifting through the air. 

A Bottle of Herb Infused Olive Oil – Say “Olive You!” to your guests in an unforgettable way. Contact local olive oil producers and have them create a private label that features your photo, a monogram or your names and wedding date. A sprig of rosemary or lavender, basil leaves or garlic cloves is a nice way to incorporate a bit of nature’s beauty.   

A Bottle of Local Honey – Let your guests know that you and your honey were “meant to bee” with a gift of liquid gold. It’s useful in so many ways – in tea, on toast, or on a spoon - and is the kind of goodness they won’t soon forget. 

A Personalized Mug + Coffee – There’s no greater way to say “love is brewing” between you and your love. Pick up mugs in your signature colors online or go on a treasure hunt for sweet and quirky second- hand ones that reflect your personal style.  Have each one customized with your names and wedding dates – vinyl lettering or a stamped charm are two of many ways you could go about it. Talk to your favorite local coffee roaster about creating a single serving of Joe in a sweet package for your guests.  

A Customized Candle – A candle in a mason jar is such a lovely reminder that “love always lights the way.” The memorable smell-good can be customized in just about any scent you like. Bonus points if you make a few to burn at the wedding ceremony (in safe containers and with careful placement, of course). It will engage your guests at the ceremony and be a sweet reminder of the two of you when they burn their own at home.  

A Sweet Succulent – With these easy-to-love, low-maintenance beauties being all the rage right now, succulents are a precious way to say to your guests that “love grows” between you and your spouse. Tiny is good where these natural wonders are concerned. One option is terracotta pots... paint them in your theme color or wrap them with personalized paper and a bow or leave “as is” with a tag that features your name, wedding date and a thank you to your guests. 

A Stem-less Wine Glass – Do you and your sweet one love wine?  Wine-not share your passion for it with your guests?  Have stem-less wine glasses printed with “Eat, Drink & Be Married” and your name and wedding date for a gift they’ll love to use. It couldn’t hurt to throw in a mini wine bottle with it to keep the party going. •