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Enriching Culture with Music

Aug 25, 2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Musical Masterpiece

September 2018
By Emily Miranda

THE SEQUOIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA was founded in 1959. Its mission was to attract more adult participation to the music community, as well as foster an appreciation of symphonic music throughout Tulare County. The nonprofit offers exciting local concerts, supports music education and adds to both the reputation and quality of life in the community. Each season, the orchestra performs six masterpiece concerts at the Visalia Fox Theatre in addition to holding its two Pops concerts. Since many of the musicians are music teachers, the orchestra holds seven additional concerts for youth in the public school system. The orchestra has become a source of support to these music teachers, enriching their capacity to better equip the next generation of musicians. 

Participants are dedicated to hours of practice and rehearsals so they can perform magnificent symphonic pieces at a refined level. Their hard work is sometimes matched with the support of an “adoptive” parent through the organization’s Adopt-A-Musician program. This program allows anyone to invest in a particular musician as a means to honor and support that musician. The Adopt-A-Musician program not only acknowledges a musician’s time, talent and dedication to the orchestra, but it also funds some of the orchestra’s many musical activities. 

For more than half a century, Sequoia Symphony has continued to achieve its goal of promoting and sharing music, establishing itself as a symphonic resource to the residents of Tulare County. The nonprofit relies on fundraising and ticket sales to support the orchestra and its music education programs. At best, ticket sales cover 30 percent of production costs. Thus, the symphony strongly relies on its donors’ generosity to ensure its ability to underwrite the costs of concerts and programs. Contributions allow the symphony to make a truly tangible difference in the cultural enrichment of Tulare County. •

Learn more about the Sequoia Symphony Orchestra or call (559) 732-8600.

Symphony office • Montgomery Square, 208 W Main St. Suite D, Visalia

Open Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm