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DIY: Plywood Floor Mirror

Aug 25, 2018 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

True Reflections

September 2018
Story by Monica Fatica
Photos by Kelli Avila


Unfinished sheet of plywood (ask your hardware store if they’ll cut your 1" sheet down to one 36" x64" piece and three 12"x4" shelves)

Frameless mirror

Screws (we used 1 ½") 

Mirror clips

Tape measure


Drill and bits 

Sanding block

Frog tape


Note: We left our plywood unfinished but you can personalize yours with stain, tinted wax or paint. Cut your plywood to the size that best fits your mirror and shelf needs.            


1. Smooth out any splinters or rough edges with your sanding block. 

2. Lay your mirror on top of the plywood, then mark where you want it positioned using your measuring tape and pencil. We spaced our mirror 2 inches from the side edge and 3 inches from the top and bottom.   

3. Use your drill to secure your mirror to the plywood with the clips and screws.

4. Measure then mark where you’d like your first shelf to be positioned on the plywood. We placed our shelf 12 inches from the top and 2inches from the edge. 

5. Grab one of your shelves and cut a piece of frog tape that’s the length of the distance between where you’d like the screws to go. We left a 1 inch space between the frog tape and shelf edge. 

6. Place your frog tape where your shelf will go, then use the level to make sure it’s horizontal. 

7.  Predrill a hole at each corner of your frog tape, going completely through your plywood.

8. Place your shelf centered to the predrilled holes and attach it by drilling one screw from the back of your plywood.

9. Use your level to be sure your shelf is horizontal and attach the second screw from the back of the plywood.

10. Measure then mark where you’d like your next two shelves positioned and repeat steps 6-9.