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Fun Additions to Dress Up Your Yard

Aug 25, 2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Hanging Around

September 2018
By Emily J. Miranda

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS. Autumn quickly approaches and with it a cool breeze and the last of summer’s blooms – which means it’s time to spruce up your yard with some last minute details before winter rolls in. Here are a few hanging additions your yard might be lacking.

• Up high: Hang some of your lengthier plants from trees and overhangs. If you have a barren porch or patio, dress it up with a breathtaking wind chime or a hummingbird feeder. Or for a more unique idea, hang plants growing from birdcages (a spider plant or an assortment of succulents will do quite nicely). Add outdoor shelving under windows, along a sturdy fence or on an outdoor wall as additional space to place potted plants and flowers. 

• Warm lighting: With outdoor weddings, parties and events to spark the trend, finding fun ways to light a front porch and backyard has become a fad all its own. Hanging tealight jars or strands of white bulbs along fence posts, tree limbs or outdoor shade structures adds a relaxing, magical aura to those late nights spent outside. Line a garden path or flowerbed with a rope light, or set tealight jars in flat areas around the yard. Since real tealights might be deemed a fire hazard, opt for LED tealights.

• Place of solitude: Every yard and garden needs a place to relax, whether you’re reading a book in the shade, gazing out at the sunset or simply taking an undisturbed nap. Install a porch swing, or create a secluded garden space for a charming bench swing. For those with gazebos or mature trees, add a hanging bench or hammock to enjoy the shade on hot summer days. •