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Enhance Your Home with Indoor Plants

Aug 25, 2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Outside In

September 2018
By Emily J. Miranda

WHY NOT BRING the benefits of the outdoors into your home? In addition to contributing a splash of color, indoor plants add a variety of benefits. Plant life in the home can pull dust and pollutants out of the air, while also keeping air temperatures down. Here are some tips on how to incorporate plants indoors.

• Window worthy: Create a medley of succulents and cacti in small pots, jars, even tin cans or teacups to place in a kitchen or bathroom windowsill. Succulents store water longer than the average plant, so they do well in sunlit windowpanes and are easy to maintain. Tip: If your vessel doesn’t have a drain hole, add a layer of pebbles at the bottom before planting. 

• Big and bold: A snake plant, peace lily and cast-iron plant can act as bold statements against barren wall space, atop a vacant side table or nestled in the corner of a den or living room nook.  You can also hang your plants – select ones with dangling limbs such as spider plants, ivy or Boston ferns, and hang them in corner spaces that will be easy to reach when watering. Be certain to plant these low-maintenance houseplants in large pots to ensure the roots won’t outgrow the allotted dirt space.

• Fresh take: For a more colorful approach to sprucing up your interior, arrange an assortment of fresh-cut flowers from the garden in a vase. Set them in areas that need color, like an entryway table, nightstand, empty shelf or writing desk. •