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DIY: Tabletop Fire Bowl

Sep 27, 2018 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

Getting Warmer

October 2018
Story by Monica Fatica 
Photos by Kelli Avila


Terra cotta pot shaped like a bowl

Craft paint 

Paint brush

Small lava rock or other fire-resistant rock 

River rock or fire glass of your choice

Disposable grill topper

Canned fuel (wick or gel fuel)

Permanent marker (optional)

Craft paper to paint on 


Pliers or heavy duty scissors

Tip: Customize your fire bowl by using fire glass or river rock in the color of your choice. We painted our bowl for a modern look, but you can eliminate this step if you prefer the terra cotta finish. You can also make a bowl using quick-mix concrete. 


1. Paint your terra cotta bowl in the color of your choice using your craft paint (we used Graphite by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). 

2. Fill your bowl halfway using your smaller rock.    

3. Place your canned fuel in the center of your bowl sitting at the same height or just below your bowl’s rim. 

4. Position your grill topper over your bowl and use a permanent marker to mark where you will cut to fit your topper inside the bowl. Your topper will lay on top of your canned fuel and over your small rock. 

5. Cut your grill topper where you marked it off or in a shape that it can fit on top of the small rock and canned fuel.

6. Place your round grill topper over the small rock and canned fuel.  

7. Add your river rock on top of the grill topper, around the opening of the canned fuel. 

8. Light your canned fuel and enjoy your tabletop fire bowl during a chilly night – or to make s’mores!