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Using Essential Oil to Bring Autumn Aromas Indoors

Sep 27, 2018 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica

Making Scents

October 2018
By Monica Fatica

AUTUMN MARKS the transition from summer to fall, when the days become shorter and the weather is cooler. There’s much to enjoy, such as the change in landscape color, shedding of leaves, harvesting of pumpkins and comfort foods. Bringing fall scents into your home is a great way to embrace and relish in the season’s gifts. Use essential oils and herbs to transform your home into an aromatic haven.

Front door or entryway 

• There’s no better way to mark the holiday season than with a wreath. Gather herbs such as rosemary or eucalyptus and attach them to a pre-made branch or vine wreath, or incorporate them into an existing wreath. Some flower shops, garden nurseries and farmers markets sell herbs by the bunch during the holiday season. 


• Incorporating essential oil scents into your laundry can be a pleasant surprise for your family and can also have health benefits. In lieu of fabric softener, place a few drops of an essential oil of your choice onto a wool dryer ball and place inside the dryer with your towels. Use scents such as bergamot, vanilla or sandalwood.  

• Add a fall-inspired essential oil to the end of a cotton swab, then place it inside your toilet paper roll. The pleasant scent will disperse into the air when the roll is
in use. 


• Spritzing linen spray on your pillow cases or sheets can have relaxing benefits to your bedtime routine. Look for a spray with ginger, or try a blend like driftwood. You can also incorporate lavender oils. 

Dining room

• Rub the leaves of rosemary and mint on your cooled light bulbs in your chandelier or lamps. The pleasant fall aroma will fill the air after they are turned on and warmed up. 


• One of the most common ways to fill your entire home with the sweet smell of autumn is by making a simmer pot on your stove. Use cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, orange rind, cloves and bay leaves. 

Living areas

• Using your fireplace is a sign that the cool weather season has arrived. Adding DIY herbal fire starters is a delightful way to incorporate autumn scents. Natural elements like cinnamon sticks, wood shavings, orange peels, evergreen clippings, cloves and allspice berries can be mixed into melted beeswax. 

• Add fragrant scents to your living areas by adding drops of an essential oil to a cotton ball, then place it in your vacuum cleaner’s cylinder or bag. The smell will disperse as you clean. •