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Oak Street Studios in Visalia

Oct 25, 2018 09:00AM ● By Jordan Venema

Beyond the Ordinary

November 2018
Story by Jordan Venema
Photos courtesy of Oak Street Studio

JEANNEE YOUNG AND MICHELLE MILLER have a long history promoting fitness in the Visalia area, but when they opened Oak Street Studios in November 2016, they wanted to offer the kind of classes that couldn’t be found anywhere else in town.

“We were both fitness managers and personal trainers at a gym previously. I’ve been in fitness nine years,”
says Young.

“And I’m going on 13 years,” adds Miller.

Their studio, which is celebrating its two-year anniversary, offers the kind of classes and fitness opportunities you’d expect to find at a studio, from yoga to free weights, barre and Pilates, but the two instructors who met while pregnant also offer classes that incorporate infants, as well as yoga
or toddlers. 

“Yoga is probably the smallest part of what we do here,” says Young, with Miller adding, “but nobody else in town actually offers those kind of classes.”

“We were both pregnant when Jeannee and I met,” Miller continues. “Jeannee actually came into the gym to cancel her membership because she was pregnant, and I was a pregnant trainer.”

But the problem with most gyms, says Miller, is that daycare is only offered for children older than six months of age. 

“Well, what does the mom do if she wants to get back in shape? So Jeannee was the brains behind these classes. She had a passion for Mommy and Me yoga, and Toddlers Music in Motion,” which are classes offered at Oak Street Studios. “That was a big deal for us to be able to offer because nobody else offers those types of classes for moms,” says Miller.

The class, explains Young, “is for moms to gain back strength, relieve stress and do yoga poses for the baby to help with their development and digestion, and all those kinds of things that come along with being a baby.” 

The class is offered once a week, and for infants to participate they must be at least six weeks old. The studio also offers free childcare. 

While the class is helpful physically and emotionally, Young says it’s also important socially for mothers.

“When you’re a new mom, it’s important to meet other moms. And that’s part of our mission statement, to be social. Our goal with these classes is to bring people together, to meet new people and make connections,” says Young.

In addition, she says it’s to create a comfortable space for new visitors who might not be familiar with the machines, like the Pilates reformer.

“The majority of people who use them are women, but we laugh to ourselves because men are always the ones nervous about using them, even though it was a man that created the apparatus,” says Miller, referring to Pilates founder Joseph Pilates.

In addition to their Pilates classes and yoga for mothers and children, the studio offers regular yoga classes, barre, TRX and even one-on-one sessions for $35 an hour.

Keeping with their mission to create community, they also partner with BarrelHouse Brewing Co. on East Main to bring yoga and Pilates classes once a month. 

“We do beer and yoga, and alternate it with Pilates and pints,” says Young. “The class is on a Saturday, and happens the hour before they open. People can sign up online.”

The day of the class, participants receive a ticket for a free beer, which is included in the $15 price to attend.

“They can bring their kids and dogs, and it’s a relaxed environment. They have a beer after, they talk, they’re connecting,” says Miller. “It’s just a great way to connect on a Saturday morning.”

“Because that’s part of our mission,” adds Young. “To be a part of our community. We are proud to be part of a thriving downtown.”

In addition to offering classes once a month at BarrelHouse Brewing Co., Oak Street Studios also offers a toddler yoga class once a month at the Visalia Branch Library as well as the children’s museum ImagineU. •

Oak Street Studios • 309 W Oak Ave., Visalia

(559) 901-5402 •

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