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DIY: Fresh Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Nov 29, 2018 11:00AM ● By Monica Fatica


December 2018
Story and Photos by Monica Fatica 


Fresh magnolia leaves

Wreath form 

Thin plant wire

Wire cutters or scissors

Damp cloth

Foliage preserver 

Brown paper

Damp cloth (not shown)

Brown kraft or scrap paper (not shown)

Tip: We used magnolia leaves but you can substitute any large leaf or add sprigs like evergreen, berries or boxwood for a textured look. You can find the foliage preserver at your craft store or online.   

1. Pick the best-looking leaves off the branches or gather fresh fallen ones. 

2. Wipe each leaf with a damp rag to remove dirt and other outdoor grime.

3. Sort through your leaves and set aside the largest ones to use for your wreath.  

4. Spread the leaves out on brown paper, then spray each leaf and let dry per the instructions on your can. Ours was an 15-18-inch spray distance and 5 minutes
dry time.

5. Tie three leaves together using the thin wire. Repeat this step until all of your leaves are tied in sets of three.  

6. Wrap one set of leaves with the wire then attach it to your wreath form at an angle.

7. Attach two more sets of
leaves to each side of the first set, wrapping around your
wreath form. 

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until your wreath form is fully covered. Enjoy!