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Be Your Most Radiant You on your Wedding Day

Jan 27, 2019 11:00AM ● By Melissa Gulden


February 2019
Story by Melissa Gulden
Photos by Kelli Avila Photography

Feeling overwhelmed with bridal beauty? This countdown is just what you need to plan in advance, as well as last-minute touchups for the day itself. 

Skin—In Advance It’s never too early to take care of your skin – and not just because of a wedding. Regular facials are great for brightening complexions. Allow a minimum of three months lead-time for regular facials, having a treatment every four weeks. The week before your wedding, don’t introduce any new products to your skincare regimen, and avoid aggressive treatments such as peels and lasers, which could cause a reaction. Gentle masks are a great way to promote brightness and radiance, but avoid clay masks, which can bring impurities to the surface. Consider a facial massage, too; it helps with circulation to boost your bridal glow. And finally, try to eat plenty of great skin foods in the days before the wedding. Oily fish, avocado, sweet potato, and nuts and seeds all offer great skin-boosting benefits to ensure a lit-from-within radiance on the wedding day itself. And drink plenty of water!

Skin—Day of If you’re having your makeup done by a professional, discuss skincare for the wedding day in advance. They will prep your skin themselves and know best which products work with the makeup they’re using. If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure you’ve already tried your foundation layered over your skincare products. Combining products can sometimes cause pilling on the skin, which is the last thing you want. Try a hyaluronic acid serum for lightweight hydration and instant plumping.  

Makeup—In Advance If you’re doing your makeup yourself, be sure to get in plenty of practice before the big day. Try applying the look a few times before the day itself and wear it for as long as you can. You’ll soon learn if you need a powder touchup or a bit more blush for photographs. Choose your foundation in advance, but buy it as close to your wedding as possible to make sure the foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. And if you’re planning to self-tan, keep that in mind when choosing the color.

Makeup—Day of Give yourself plenty of time to prep your skin and apply your makeup to ensure you get the look just right. If you’re having your makeup done professionally, your artist will know how much time she has and when to arrive. Plan time for after-photo touchups, as well. Give one of your bridesmaids the task of keeping an eye on whether your mascara has smudged or your lipstick has faded so you don’t have to keep checking the mirror. It’s a good idea to keep powder on hand to combat shine throughout the day, as well as a lip balm or lipstick. 

Hair—In Advance Bridal hair – it’s a big decision. Up? Down? Half up? Book a trial run with your stylist with plenty of time to spare so you can try out different styles, and bring pictures of your dress so you can both decide what might complement it best. Consider a morning appointment so you can see how the style holds up and what products you might need for touchups. If deciding on a color, plan ahead – months ahead. If you’re happy with the color, you can spend the next few months maintaining it, and if not, you have time to make necessary changes. Book your appointment as soon as you know your wedding date.

Hair—Day of Whatever you did for your trial run, do it again. If you washed it, wash it. If not, don’t. And try to use the same products, too. Remember to wear something you don’t have to pull over your head while getting ready so you don’t mess up your hair. Allow lots of time for styling and finish with plenty of hairspray to keep it all in place. And carry bobby pins with you, too, just in case.  

Nails—In Advance Nails are often overlooked when it comes to bridal beauty, but think about how many times your hands will be on display that day. If you’re in need of a nail rescue, look for products that can repair damaged, weak and flaky nails and get them in shape. Start at least six weeks before to give them a chance of recovery. Combine with religious hand cream application (twice a day) and nail oil (at least once a day), and your nails will be in tip-top condition. It’s also time to start thinking about a color; you’ll know your dress and bouquet colors, so you can start looking on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. 

Nails—Day of If you’ve chosen regular polish, be careful doing anything that could chip your manicure. If something should happen, be sure you have the shade for touchups. Don’t worry – a chip is easily disguised. Just be sure to cover the whole nail with topcoat, not just the chip; otherwise it will look bumpy and messy. 

The countdown is on! From your hair to your makeup to your nails, there’s no doubt you will be the most beautiful version of yourself. But above all, enjoy your special day and your special someone. •