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Cory Media Group Has You Covered

Feb 27, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Light. Camera. Action.

March 2019
Story by Natalie Caudle
Photos by Kelli Avila

THE WEDDING INDUSTRY has transformed over the last decade. As millennials are waiting to tie the knot and digital media has jumped into the ring, the $60 billion industry has had to make a few tweaks to keep up with the changing landscape. Gone are the days where a camera sat on a tripod at the back of the ceremony with the hopes of every moment being recorded. Today, couples expect to walk away with lifelong memories and are seeking professional videographers to give them just that. 

Photography tops the list of must-haves for every wedding ceremony. But photographs can only grab moments, while film can stop time; the heartwarming toast given by the best man or the sweetness of the father-daughter dance, the voice and laughter of a loved one now gone, these moments can be lived again through video. In many ways film allows for time travel, for a couple to revisit the happiest day of their life. 

Cory Media Group recognizes the importance of preserving these memories. Husband and wife Steve and Angelica Cory make a powerhouse entrepreneurial team, combining 30-plus years of business experience with vision, passion and technical skills. 

Cory Media Group began in early 2018 when Steve’s hobby of flying drones quickly morphed into a vision for business. Within a few short months, Steve was a licensed FAA 107 drone pilot, creating beautiful cinematic real estate videos and property walk-through tours for the top real estate agents in the valley. His style and unique vision allows potential buyers to not only see the beauty of a house, but to see themselves as living in the home.

With Angelica’s administrative support, skills in web design and years of experience as a wedding coordinator, Cory Media Group quickly added wedding cinematography to their list of services offered. Still newlyweds themselves, the Corys have a passion for storytelling. Steve shoots scenes from all perspectives and angles, allowing the viewer to feel as though they are part of the story. Their goal, whether it be weddings, real estate or commercial projects, is to capture, share and preserve their clients’ stories through the powerful medium of video.

Steve and Angelica feel that “nothing has the heart-grabbing emotional impact that video can have.” Using professional cameras from various angles, everything is filmed in 4K, often at 60 frames per second, creating film that is adaptable to future technological needs and giving what Angelica calls a “dreamy feel to real life.” Cory Media Group combines the best gear with drone footage, expert editing and video production knowledge to create one-of-a-kind cinematic wedding videos that are unique to each couple and tell their own personal lovestory.

A memorable wedding video is so much more than just getting the moments on film with great camera gear. Many don’t realize how massively important capturing great audio is to film-making. That’s why Cory Media Group also uses professional audio gear that is expertly hidden, even on the bride, so as not to be intrusive but also to capture all the wonderful moments of tears and laughter throughout the ceremony and reception.

Prior to the wedding, Steve and Angelica meet with the couple to learn not only who they are, but every detail of the day to come. “We want to be there the entire day. We know their wedding intimately so the bride doesn’t need to worry about timelines,” Angelica says. “We know what’s coming up so we can be in position to capture that moment. We want to tell their back story and tell their love story. It’s critical to have a great level of planning. You only get one shot.” 

The Corys are passionate about preserving each moment and are present to film the entire day, from makeup to send-off.

Each video is a true and beautiful representation of the bride and groom – a whimsical memory that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. •

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